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Business communication
What’s communication?
What’s Business Organization
What’s Business Communication
Kinds of Communication employed in Business Organizations
External Communication
Internal communication within business organization
Formal channels
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Until we have not shared information with another person we have not communicated yet.
Communication may be defined as the transfer of a message or information from one person to another or a group of people for a common understanding. The person who sends the information is called the sender and the person who receives the information is referred to as the receiver.
What’s Business Organization
Simply, a business organization may be described as an institution made up of a group of people who work together in a structured way for a common purpose such as production of goods or provision of services or buying and selling of goods and services.
What’s Business Communication
So, business communication is nothing but, the communication between the people in the organization for the purpose of carrying out the business activities. It may be oral, verbal, written etc.
Working in business environment involves communication, a lot of it; it is a major & essential part of it. Indeed, whatever position the members of the business organization have, their performance will be judged largely by their ability to communicate. The more they communicate well, the more they are rewarded by advancements and the more they improve their chances for success.
Kinds of Communication employed in Business Organizations
In a business context, all communication can be divided into two categories namely, External Communication and Internal Communication.

External Communication
We talk about external communication when the organization communicates with Governmental agencies, other organizations, customers, clients and Public
External communication helps an organization to keep its outsourcing agencies like distributors, wholesalers, retailers and clientele well informed about the company’s products, services, progress and goals.
Internal communication within business organization
The second kind of communication, which is the subject of our presentation, is internal communication.
In a business context, internal communication is the dialogic process between employees, and between employees and their employer. In other terms, “Internal Communication” is the conversations that businesses have with their staff and those staff have with each other.
Every organization has the necessity to maintain appropriate communication with its internal audience (persons in the same organization).
Formal channels
An organization’s formal communication consists of all planned communications that flow along its official lines of authority.
In a typical organizational setting, internal formal communication flows may take three directions:
Downward communication 
Communication in which information flows from higher organizational levels (supervisors) to lower organizational levels (subordinates).
Example: it may concern, directions to carry out a specific task, job principle & instructions, response to the subordinate about his performance etc.
This direction of...

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