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Communications Essay

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All students
This course is designed to help students become competent communicators.  Through various speaking opportunities students will learn to evaluate and construct clear and coherent arguments for diverse contexts. Through reflection and analysis, students will be introduced to the principles and basic skills necessary to build and sustain relationships in society. Digital recording will allow students to evaluate and enhance communication skills.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have met the expectations for a general course in Reasoning and Discourse. This course also provides learning opportunities related to the broader ...view middle of the document...

SLO: B- Demonstrate competent communication by identifying and applying ethical and social responsibilities.
SLO: C- Assess communication skills and develop goals for continuous improvement
SLO: D- Identify principles and skills necessary to build and sustain relationships in various contexts.
SLO: E- Evaluate information before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion


Depending on the instructor, each class will work a little differently. The basic overview of the class is described below. Students will be engaged in active and experiential learning through presentations, scenarios, dialogue. Exams and reflection prompts will be incorporated.

Large Lecture & Small Groups (LEC)

This class combines both large lecture and small group discussion formats. Students will attend their small group class on Monday and Wednesday. In the small group class, you will be participating in activities to reinforce your learning, and practically apply your knowledge through speeches and projects. Friday you will attend your large lecture class. The large lecture course will help you to navigate your way through the text material. It is important to have read the assigned chapters for both the lecture and small group classes so that you will be able to participate in discussion and concept application. Additionally, reading and note taking will be important for your success with speeches and tests.


1) Reflection Prompts (4-5 throughout the semester)
Your answer should be 1.5- 2 pages in length. Your instructor will evaluate your answer based on completion of the assignment and quality of the response. Please be sure to connect to text and lecture concepts as well as your own life experiences.
2) Introductory Speech
Prepare and present a short speech (2-4 minutes) to explain your ideal self. Notecards are unnecessary since the subject is familiar, and showing the three items will help keep you on track. Practice your speech. This will help eliminate rambling. Know what you will say (and not say) about each section of your speech.
Speeches will be constructively evaluated on vocal quality, posture, absence of verbal fillers, originality and depth of discussion, organization, and eye contact. The evaluation of this assignment will be essential to the success of subsequent speeches. The grade assigned will reflect perceived effort in relation to the evaluation criteria. Students will also be asked to evaluate their own performance and the performance of others.

3) Persuasive Speech Assignment
This speech is designed to persuade the audience of a proposition of fact, value, or policy (see pp. 294-296 of the textbook). This assignment requires considerable research and skillful handling of the methods of persuasion. Choose an issue of significance, an issue or problem in which you believe. This speech gives you an...

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