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Communications Plan Paper

1333 words - 6 pages

Bass Pro Shops Communications Plan
By: Ellen Kent, Teresa McCullough, Robin Morris, Anthony Reagan, and Jim Waverka
MKT/571 Marketing
Debbie Thomas
June 24, 2013

The Bass Pro Shops is developing a communications plan to launch the company’s business domestically and internationally. The communications plan covers four main areas; plan development, marketing considerations, technology trends, and target market comparisons. This paper provides evaluation of each section of the communications plan pertaining to the domestically in the United States and internationally market in Japan.
Developing and Managing:
Campaign managers communicate through public relations, marketing on the ...view middle of the document...

Real-time examination dashboards have become commonly utilized for an organization to view cardinal metrics and purvey significant information. Utilizing real-time data, post transaction data can be examined in foreshadowing information to ameliorate the supply chain, operations, and marketing.
Marketing Campaign:
According to McMellon (2004), “effective advertising is based on a great idea, not on production techniques or sidesplitting humor” (pg. 365). Leadership at the Bass Pro Shops understands this concept and the company has been successful in advertising products and services domestically and internationally. “It also has a growing presence in TV, radio and publishing properties nationwide, and a marketing strategy that has turned its bigger-than-life retail footprint into an element of its brand identity” (Pardee, para. 2, 2010).
Bass Pro Shops recently partnered with Cheetah Mail helping them with their robust
e-mail program. Cheetah Mail developed individualized messages enabling customers to interact with Bass Pro Shops by telling them what information they want to receive. Bass Pro Shops has been successful with their direct email program and can reach a targeted audience willing to purchase their products.
Technology Trends:
The world and its people are constantly changing and embracing technology at an exponential pace. To complete in the global market the Bass Pro Shop must embrace technology when deciding on how to market its products in different countries. According to Inc. Magazine there are many new technologies that have surfaced the last few years for Bass Pro Shops to consider:
* Facial Recognition
* Hyper Targeting
* Eavesdropping Apps
* Augmented Reality
* Mobile: Codes and Spots Targeting
* Video
* Incentives and Virtual Currency
* Social Analytics
* Web
* Deals
Bass Pro Shops successfully uses the web, deals, and video to market its products. However with the increasing popularity of smart phones and streaming media content into homes via the Internet, Bass Pro Shops will add Eavesdropping apps, mobile, codes, and spots targeting. It is projected that by the end of 2013 there will be 1.4 billion smart phone users on the planet (Leonard, 2013). To capture this opportunity Bass Pro Shops will add a mobile site to its marketing plan. A mobile site is a streamlined website, configured to fit on a smart phone screen (Solomon, 2011).
Marketing Compassion:
Developing an effective communications plan to support the company’s product launch in Japan and the United States requires a thorough understanding of the similarities and differences of the respective markets. Simply adapting a domestic communications plan to the Japanese market would not ensure the success of the company’s product launch because of the cultural difference that exists between the markets.
The biggest defense between the two markets for consideration during the development of a...

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