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Communicaton Between Women And Men Essay

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The communication problem between men and women has evolved since the beginning of time. When did we finally take a look at the difference in the way we communicate? In my opinion, the matrimonial relationship probably brought the problem that men and women were having into focus.
The realizations of distinctive styles of each were examined. The if’s and why’s and divorces began to happen. Two distinctive communication styles that stand out most in my opinion are hierarchy and consensus. The hierarchy style form of communication is a style that is considered male. The male normally wants to be in control and or in charge of the situation. The male also wants his status to be known on that level. The consensus style of communication is considered female. A style that looks for ...view middle of the document...

The females on the other hand communicate better with their female counterparts.
Socialization factors play a very important part is this communication scheme, however, in my personal perspective, I do see women and men very similar, however, they have different ways of expressing themselves. Men and women have to take the time to learn about the differences and learn to respect them. As our text explained the young man could only listen once he covered his eyes. It’s not that he did not want to listen; this was his way of listening. Once this couple understood their differences, an understanding of communication was met. (Chaffee, 2009, p. 247). Listening is sometimes very hard for a male if that is not what he is accustomed to. Respecting each other’s differences can only open up the line of communication. All communication has an intellectual and an emotional component and if it is not looked at openly there will be a communication problem. (Krotz, 2009, #6.).
In conclusion, I have never had a problem with the male counterparts in my life, social or business. I have always been pretty open to listen, reason, and compromise. Could it be that I was the only girl in the family and I was treated equally? Well I really don’t know the answer but communication is key in everything we do and we must try to respect one another’s differences to begin a new way of bridging the gap.

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Word Count: 520

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