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Community Essay

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My Community

John Jr
June, 2011

Shepherdsville, Kentucky is where my community is. We have a very small community but pretty much very easy going. There are some issues around my community that may have racism issues such as, gender, looks, or speech in school or sometime even with jobs on who and when someone can work somewhere. These are really little problems that we have and if you ever visited you would see this as well.
In my community the members that live near me do look like me in many ways. Mostly because I live in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, that are all white skinned that lives around me. Most of the people who are in my community are females, which is weird ...view middle of the document...

Now there may be innicdents where people in my community treat some people different. In this storey at, this was about a guy from shepherdsville who tortured cats for a experiment. Now I will say that a lot of people in our community do look at him different and may be some racism there because of the type of person we know now he is.
My texts and work manuals actually contain information about a lot of people and other businesses. I work as a third party administrator with insurance companies. We learn all about how other people all around the world live their lives and see what they can actually be reimbursed with their medical by our company. My texts sometimes have conversations about others in my community but never anything bad. I have learned over the years that everyone has regrets and if you feel that down the road you may regret texting or saying something, then you shouldn’t at all.
I don’t believe that the local media represents people like me. I watch the news or read about it online every single day. I see and hear so many things that state there was a robbery, child abuse, or murder that it floors me that there are people out there like that. I feel that in Shepherdsville, which is close to Louisville, Kentucky is a very calm community. Seeing things on the media about even child abuse I don’t feel that they are really showing what type of community we are. Some people decide on their own time to make wrong decisions. One example is at this website from this storey This is about a Girl who is a young mother like myself but let someone abuse her son. She never reposted it and that is why she is jail. But the more you read about the storey they still are researching and they believe that the boyfriend is the one who harmed her child. He was in jail for about a day and now is out on the street. This I feel is so different from us in the community. She is just one of those people who made some mistake and we as a community can not let that go on us.
Similarities with my leaderships in my community are very few. We agree on what the law is and when people should be sitting in jail or just get a ticket. We also agree on the way that the time limit for individuals under the age of sixteen to be out is eleven at night. The differences that we have are a lot. I know that the leadership when they arrest someone for child abuse, they will give them there punishment but usually wont hold out there end of keeping them off the streets. They also usually get their kids back. I disagree with a lot of the law once someone in Kentucky is convicted because they let people off to easy. I do feel that the minority groups are taken into interest in my community because the leaders if the community have been in that place...

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