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Community Assessment Essay

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Community Analysis
Purple Group
January 21, 2013


New Hyde Park Community.
New Hyde Park is a merged region of North Hempstead, situated in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. It has a land area of eighty-six square miles and zero square miles of water. It was a unique and historic settlement, of the ancient times. The first settlers were Dutch and English, followed by Irish polish and Germans. In 1990, Jewish families began settling in. Although the settlement began in 1624, George Clark a former Secretory of the Province gave the name Hyde Park after his wife, Ann Hyde. (New Hyde Park, New York, 2012).The village formerly a ...view middle of the document...

Households and families numbered 3290 and 2596 respectively. This communities’ population is multicultural with White dominating to be 64%, Asians 26%, African Americans 1%, and Hispanic 9%.
The families in this community belong to median income families and Health and Hygiene is highly valued in this communities. As mentioned in the history a high wave of Jewish Migration, since 1900, a non- profit private hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center is the hospital located in Hyde Park community. It is an acute care hospital with a very high standard and has many sister hospitals in Long Island. Two high rated high schools belong to this community. There are three elementary schools in for the community. There are two New Hyde Park Memorial High School and Herrick’s High School. A newly built Public library with great resource books and internet access is an outstanding landmark in the village. During natural disasters, this Library roofs the community’s need. For instance, many of us spend the day at the library after sandy and power outrage. This community also has huge village hall for the public gathering.
Fire department and police department renders excellent service. The wasted disposal and pest control department maintains healthy and hygienic environment. There are community parks, swimming clubs, sports clubs, and many other establishments providing amenities to support the physical and leisure activities of the residents. The community has a big golf club for the golf fans. In addition to this, there are seasonal community fairs and other community events that provide an occasion for community interaction.
Churches and religious communities play a great role in this community nearly every other street has place for worship. Majority of them are Christians/ Catholics in different denominations. Three temples noted for other worshipers.
New Hyde Park belongs to Nassau County, and as per the Nassau county nine percent of adult diabetes, obesity is the leading health issue reported in this county. 22% is seen in preschool children and 20 % in adult. (New Hyde Park, New York (2012). The main cause obesity is assumed as sedentary life style especially in the winter.
Allergy is a challenge this community with the change of the season the allergy diagnosis. Quite a few broadcasting circulated in peer-reviewed papers have reliably determined that unconventional allergy tests fail to appropriately classify and distinguish among allergic and non-allergic individuals. There are no obstacles recognized for the development and growth of the community apart from that of ambulance arrival. This is perhaps in line for the inexact explanation of the precise place the ambulance needs to reach (Robinson, T (2012).


Value/ Belief Pattern
The New Hyde Park community is a community that values camaraderie and practices western medicine. The New Hyde Park...

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