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Community Corrections Essay

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Community Corrections
Community corrections are the programs which manage offenders outside of jail or prison. Community corrections include probation and parole. Probation is a correctional supervision within the community rather than jail or prison. Parole is a period of conditional, supervised release from prison. There are some offenders who do not present any threat to society, and to incarcerate them in a dangerous correctional system, which could cause harm or damage to the person, and possibly lock them into a life of crime. Community corrections would be less costly, and more effective to let them remain in the community under the supervision of a trained court officer. The ...view middle of the document...

When an offender is entering probation, an assessment is made about the risk level they pose to the community and themselves. Based on the assessment, offenders are assigned to a specific supervision level. During the time an offender is on probation, if he or she violate any of the rules or terms of probation, or commit a new crime, probation can be revoked.
Society is affected as the community corrections attempt to overcome obstacles to acceptance. There has been a lack of support from community residents that fear housing the so called dangerous offenders in their neighborhood. There have been court actions and zoning restrictions brought into some areas to stop the effort to build a community correction facility. Community corrections have the job of advocating housing, employment, and education, so the offenders will have a place in the community. The lives of the offenders and victims may be improved by working within the community. Hopefully, the next generation cycle of crime can be broken by working with the families of offenders.
My assumption or explanation about the overall effectiveness of the community corrections is that it is cost effective compared to jail or prison sentences. I believe the families and offenders benefit from community sentencing, as offenders can maintain ties with both. Many of the convicted criminals can be reintegrated into the community, and by giving them proper treatment, they are unlikely to recidivate.
The prison systems in other foreign countries are less strict on their sentencing, when compared to the United States. The United States has longer sentencing than most other countries. A first time drug offense in the federal court in the United States would receive five to ten years mandatory sentence. Around the world in other developed countries, the same first time offense would receive at most, six months in jail. Judges in the United States are prevented from using their discretion, since mandatory sentencing prohibits it. Another example would be that the United...

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