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Community Emergency Paper

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Neighborhood Community Emergency
July 8, 2013

Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper
Emergency preparedness is an important procedure that is needed to protecting or limiting the amount of injuries or death caused by either natural or manmade disasters of citizens in any community. The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of community emergency preparedness, and events that can occur if there is a lack of preparedness and planning. This paper will demonstrate and summarize the actions of health care workers, steps taken, and needed to reduce risk factors, the role of public health agencies, and the community’s involvement ...view middle of the document...

The residents have been advised by city officials to stay indoors at all times unless they have no choice, but to go outdoors. According to McKinney (n.d.) of the Neighborhood News, emergency physician Dr. James Gordon stated that, “The smoky air condition affects everyone, but especially those with pre-existing lung problems such as chronic lung conditions.” Community neighborhood hospital and outpatient clinics have seen a rise of patients suffering from respiratory problems.
Kate Swanson a registered nurse who works in the neighborhood hospital is seeing an increase in respiratory problems for example, emphysema, and asthma. Healthcare staff’s moral is down, and stress levels are high because of the magnitude of patients seeking treatments, and the unavailability of beds. The hospital discharges, and transfers to other units have become more frequent because of the wildfire. Nurse Manager Pat Richman was informed at the administrative meeting that mandatory overtime will begin after the next pay period because of the large number of patients seeking care.
The senior center clinic where Kate Williams the geriatric nurse has worked for five years, also have seen the effects of the forest wildfire on some of the patients. Mr. Dallion, who went to the clinic is presently complaining of a cough, and has told his nurse he has seen an increase in his use of oxygen since the start of the forest fire. Nurse Williams have advice him to stay indoors, so that he can avoid the respiratory irritants found in the smoky air. One of the many areas of concern includes the health of the children, because they are more susceptible to respiratory issues as their airways are still developing. Violet Brinkworth the nurse for the Neighborhood Public school system for six years is concerned about student Kelsey Young a second grade student. Kelsey is complaining that she has problem breathing and is experiencing the following signs and symptoms upon assessment coughing, wheezing, and an increase in her respiratory rate. Kelsey’s mother is notified to pick her up from school. On her mother’s arrival to the school the nurse is encouraging her to take her daughter to the doctor, and leave an inhaler in the nurse’s office in case of emergency, but her mother seems reluctant to comply with this recommendation made by the nurse. Kelsey Young has a diagnosis of reactive airway disease, which is an inflammatory disorder of the airway, and uses an albuterol inhaler. The nurse is aware that children, especially Kelsey is at a higher risk for respiratory problems are distress from wildfire smoke because of her chronic condition than those that are healthy. The combination of gases and fine particles found in the trees can irritate the respiratory system, and affect those with chronic health conditions.
The Bleys’ household includes Jimmy and Celia Native Americans, and they have been married for 56 years. Jimmy was diagnosed with emphysema, hearing loss, and is a...

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