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Community Teaching Plan: Teaching Experience Essay

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Community Teaching Plan: Teaching Experience
Summary of Teaching Plan
The idea of teaching a community about possible attacks on our country was one thought, but actually giving them the knowledge of what the various ways to, ultimately, defend themselves was a much greater cause. The possibilities that we may face a biological terrorist attack is quite real. We have seen the horrors of 9-11, we are aware of the wars and hatred; which gives us as human beings all the more reason to learn about these tactics. This presentation was probably the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. Public speaking isn’t my strongest trait; however, I believed this was my nursing duties to give complete ...view middle of the document...

However, it is our responsibility to learn the cause and affects this harmful and disgusting area of health. Most of the areas of study are manmade and much easier to learn about, but also to control. The other factor is the natural diseases that man haven’t found to cure but dangerously control. The benefits to controlling a harmful virus are astonishing. Being able to take out entire civilizations at a will have great effects. This isn’t just a thought, this epidemic and possibility are a certain. Not only did the September attacks took place, but just a month later the outbreak of anthrax also happened. And the threats of smallpox, and many other diseases (Markowitz & Rosner, 2004). It is imperative that, if possible, the human race to gain this knowledge. The last question is how, how do we teach this? How is it possible to even fathom the outcome? The answer is to try. Becoming a nurse is not only my occupation, it has become my life. Teaching this group of individuals this important matter was as rewarding as being on the job and saving the life of an ill patient.
Evaluation of Teaching Experience
Overall, this was a positive and rewarding experience. Never have I felt this compassionate about teaching before, and the knowledge I gain from the experience will be with me for my lifetime. The subject was a difficult challenge; not only to teach but also grasping the information was very tough. It was hard to think that this isn’t fiction, this event has and can take place once again. In my opinion, just the thought of the hatred and greed that certain individuals have for one other is unimaginable. However when completing the assignment, I felt compelled to share this information with other to help them in prevention of such attacks. Not many of the individuals that were a part of my presentation knew much about such an event could happen or even knew that this has already taken place. My first reaction to this was just about the same. I had no clue this was an actual thing, or that it has happened in previous years. This wasn’t an interest of mine before starting the project, and I can’t imagine many other individuals would take this subject as a part of their life unless they had no choice. The response I received from the learning group was a mix of many positive and curious reactions. However to my surprise there were also a few responses that actually contributed and added on some other important and beneficial information.
Community Response to Teaching
Those who attended my presentation and teaching of bio terrorism seemed to be a little reluctant and first; however, when I proceed to give my analysis on the subject they eased into it quite well. It wasn’t hard to get these individuals to understand the importance of the matter at hand. Not that we, as people in general, have been threated once again with this destructive warfare but that it was a certain possibility. Questions were being raised all most instantly as the...

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