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Comp 2 Paper

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Over several years of living in the United States, there has always been a problem with illegal immigrants. The schools seem to be more over crowded because of all the extra immigrant students. Illegal immigrants reap some of the benefits that United States citizens have without having to do any of the work. Because of people, coming here and taking advantage of the excellent opportunities found within the United States. One attempt is the recent bill known as The Dream Act. Being a US citizen is a privilege, not a right and this action is trying to change that. The dream act should not be passed because of the burden it places on school systems, the strain it has on the economy, and they will end up enjoying the rights legal citizens are given.
Illegal immigrants do pay taxes inside the United States indirectly but being as how they do not pay income ...view middle of the document...

Claim 1: Taxes
The extra money that we will need for these children of the illegal immigrants to go to the schools will increase our taxes. The 113 million dollars has to come from somewhere and we are not going to pay out of pocket for it. The immigrants who are legal with stolen identification all of that money is paid somewhere by someone and in the end it is all of the legal citizens that pay for it with higher taxes.

Claim 2: The Dream Act will increase illegal immigration
If the dream act were to pass, it would make more immigrants want to come to the US and possibly a higher crime rate. Immigrants will want to bring their children to gain their citizenship and enforce the anchor system so that if they will not have to leave the states. Using this system, the immigrants will be able to take full access of the dream act, which will cause there to be an abundance of students in the school.

Claim 3: A path to citizenship rewards people for breaking the law
In order for the immigrants to use the dream act, they will be breaking the law from the beginning by immigrating illegally and not obtain their citizenship. The parents will want to immigrant over here illegally so that their children will be able to get a United States education. As part of the dream act, it states that these children have to have a clean record while attending the schools. Well if you think about it since they are breaking the law from the moment, they get here how that count as keeping a clean record does.

The dream act may be one of the greatest things for immigrants by giving them the chance to attend the American school system and not paying for everything that legal citizens are paying for. In addition, this says that the dream act will create more illegals to become legal. However, thinking about who is paying those illegal has to become legal. It would still be the legal American citizens who will be paying them to go to school from higher taxes and other higher expenditures. Dream act is not the dream that everyone thought it was.

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