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Animals a Part of Our Family

Nikki M. Plachinski

Kaplan University

Animals a Part of Our Family is a unique program that is designed to help prevent and stop animal cruelty. Animals a Part of Our Family is a program that will work in conjunction with the ASPCA and will be set up by their guidelines. It’s an educational program geared towards adults and children. Animals a Part of Our Family will teach community members about the signs of abuse, how to report it, and who to work with. The program will work with all animal owners and non owners, as well as the shelters, pet stores, breeders, and humane societies. The program will be ...view middle of the document...

Research about animal cruelty or animal abuse falls into two categories. Those categories are “intentional cruelty and unintentional cruelty or neglect.” (Maloney, 2009, pg7d) The thing we have to ask is how thin the line between the intentional cruelty and the unintentional cruelty is. When you look at the definition of intentional cruelty it is basically the “an individual has purposely inflicted physical harm or injury on an animal”. Then on the other hand, unintentional cruelty can be defined as “an animal has been denied the basic necessities of care, such as food, water, shelter or veterinary care; it could also mean that the pet parent is unaware he or she is doing anything wrong and simply needs to be educated on how to properly take care of the animal” (Maloney, 2009, pg7d) Animals a Part of Our Family defines theses differences so that we can have an understanding of how the cruelty is defined by the ASPCA and the humane societies. Knowing the differences between these two terms will play a very important role with the education aspect of the program. Animals a Part of Our Family makes sure that the community understands how important this information is.

Animals a Part of Our Family is designed to help all communities learn about animal abuse and how to prevent it. The program also covers what to do when you see animals being abused and who to contact. Animal abuse is something that is around us that no one knows how to properly deal with. This program is designed to help with that. The program will work with all the local shelters, pet stores, as well as the Humane Societies and the ASPCA. It also provides help to the private animal breeders. Animals a Part of Our Family will help everyone out when it comes to learning more about animal cruelty.

Animals a Part of Our Family is an educational program that is geared towards helping our children know the differences between abuse and neglect. The program will help them be able to maintain a healthy relationship with their animals but it will also help them learn about a healthy relationship with family and people in their futures. When working with the younger generations, we can also help put an end to the abuse of animals. Teaching children and young adults that beating animals, having them fight each other, or even simply mistreating them at home is the wrong thing. When you work with the younger generation you can teach them that they have the power to make changes in society when it comes to pets. This is one of the goals that the program has. This program will help the older generations see that they can help. It will also help show our younger generations see that the commercials from the ASPCA are showing that we can put a stop to our “family members” being hurt. The program covers this all through various activities for all ages and even through simple seminars.

Animals a Part of Our Family will help define the differences between...

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