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Companies In New York Essay

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Systems Analyst and Design Project
St. Margarita Health Clinic

St. Margarita Health Clinic is a new medical facility in Rego Park, NY. Cardiologists Brian Davis founded the clinic and Dolores Garcia in 2009 and since then it has over 1000 patients that attend to their services and accepts 10 different insurance policies.
Our company E-Software has been given the task to develop new system to improve productivity within St. Margarita Health Clinic. This new system not only will improve productivity but will also help the users to edit and add new data to the files faster.

St. Margarita Organizational Structure

Current System Description

After analyzing the ...view middle of the document...

• The risk of misplacing patient’s insurance information, which can cause delays in payments from the insurance company.

Our main goal is to establish a computerized system for St. Margarita Clinic to be able to compete with other clinics in this day in age. We will create a system where every employee will be able to login and according to his or her status positions at the Clinic. Since there’s no computers in the clinic the first step would have to be to order a computer
• Dr. Brian Davis and Dr. Dolores Garcia will each get one computer that will have administrative access over the other staff computers.

• Carol Smith will operate one computer that will have administrative access as well.

• Fred Brown, Susan Gifford, Tom Capaletti, Lisa Sung and Carla Herrera will also get one computer each but with limited access mainly related with personnel, finances and patients within St.. Margarita Clinic the task of interacting with companies and contractors outside St. Margarita Clinic will be a task of doctors Davis and Garcia.

• Additionally two more computers will be implemented for the sole use of nurses or physicians that need to create profiles on new patients.

Additionally to this hardware implementations software will be required to be installed in the newly acquired computers such as Microsoft Office 2010 and QuickBooks Pro in order to keep the date in an orderly manner and the finances as well.
The total cost of your new system implementations can be resumed in the followed table:

Item Description Cost in Dollars
10 Desktop computers $3250
Office and QuickBooks Software $1790
Tech One System Analysis Fee $2000
Total Cost of New System $7040

We will dedicate our complete efforts to reach maximum satisfaction. Your new system would be up and running in 12 weeks. Included in our $2000 fee we will be giving training to your staff so they can develop the functionality of the new system at its full capacity. We should be notified right around week 9 that the hardware has been brought in to the office so we can implement the application and the right software for each computer.
Following the implementation of the new system we will provide St. Margarita Clinic with 24/7 technical support for three months after that a contract can be signed to provide you with all the support and changes that you might want to add to your system in the future.
We have divided the progress of the new system in 4 phases:

Phase 1 :
In this phase SWOT analysis will be presented to you showing you the strengths and weaknesses your company is facing.
• Duration: 5th December – 24th December
Phase 2:
Based on the pro’s and con’s established in phase 1 a relationship of needs based on everyone within the personnel will...

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