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Companies Today Often Seek Skills And Specific Skill Sets In Lieu Of Technical Knowledge

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The Changing WorkplaceTimes change - and reasons behind the changes are both varied and plural. Historically companies view management positions as requiring a technical knowledge base of all positions contained in that group (Carlson, 2002, p.42). Current times and trends have changed this viewpoint, however; companies today often seek skills and specific skill sets, in lieu of technical knowledge.My father (likely your father, and even more likely his father's father before him) worked for a single company - at the very least in a single industry. Historically company goals were generally to attain and retain people referred to as 'lifers,' employees whose careers would begin and end at the company working in various ...view middle of the document...

42).These 'lifer' employees worked their way up from the mailroom, and attained technical knowledge along the way - this technical knowledge often qualified these technically skilled employees for management positions."In the 21st century, many people entering the workforce may work for as many as seven or eight different companies during their careers." (Carlson, 2002, p.42). Today's employers often hire management workforce based on skill sets, not technical skills. Résumés today can highlight skills, rather than job history, in response to these hiring trends. In my twelve (12) years of employment to date (with many more in the queue!), I have worked in three different industries in more than four different career capacities; my employment history is a clear reflection of the changing workplace. Often companies hire external candidates for qualities that include ", their ability to achieve results, or their ability to motivate people", without necessarily being familiar or involved with the company's product and/or service (Carlson, 2002, p.42).It may help an applicant to recognize the changing workforce trend of skill over technical knowledge - particularly when drafting their résumé. When Disney Corporation hires their next manager for graphic artists, technical graphic arts experience may not be required! This writer admits to a certain amount of nostalgia for the corporate 'family,' although the new corporate entities can and usually do offer greater flexibility and opportunity.ReferencesCarlson, Carolyn, Ph.D. The Changing Workplace, Workplace Monthly. New York: Millenium Publishers, June 2002, p. 42.

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