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Company Report For Wh Smith

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Introduction 3
1) History 3
2) Location 3
Mission Statement and Value 4
Financial Performances 4
1) Share Price Analysis 4
2) Ratio Analysis 5
Company Analysis 7
1) Company Strengths 7
2) Company Weaknesses 7
3) Company Opportunities 8
4) Company Treats 8
Conclusion 9
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To: Mary RitsonFrom: Yi Xu (10324142)Date: 08-12-11Subject: The relevant company research report of WH Smith plc for recent years. This report consists of financial performances and relevant company analysis. |
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Acc2005 Report
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Over a century, the company now employs 18 000 people in the UK, there are 562 high street stores and 464 shops which located at airports, train stations, hospitals and motorway service areas. 70% of the UK’s population visits a WH Smith store per year, with an average of 1.2 million customers visiting the stores every single day of the year. WH Smith sells 1.5 million magazines a week and more than 40 million books a year.

2) Location
WH Smith PLC operates retail stores in the United Kingdom primarily, under the Travel and High Street names. Basically, the business is operating into two divisions, High Streets and Travel. It sells selection of books; stationery, including news and impulse comprising newspapers, magazines, confectionery, and other impulse products; and entertainment products consisting of DVDs.(WH Smith plc, 2010)As for online business, the company offers various stationery, books, magazines, and gifts; and entertainment products through the official website. Due on28th in Feb. 2011, it has operated 581 high street stores and 532 travel units, the locations spread around high streets, shopping centers, airports, train stations, motorway service areas, hospitals, workplaces, and bus stations. In addition, the business operates around the worldwide such as in the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, India, Australia, and Oman.
Mission Statement and Value
The company defines its mission as follows: “Our business goal is to rebuild our position as Britain’s most popular stationer, bookseller and newsagent. We strive to be an outward-facing, customer-focused, store-responsive organization that delivers on our promises.”
In order to achieve this goal, the company has identified four key values:
• Customer Focus: “We will keep the customer at the heart of all that we do”
• Drive for Results: “We will act tirelessly to deliver ambitious and competitive results”
• Accountability: “We take personal responsibility and deliver what we say we will”
• Value Our People: “Our people are respected and valued in an honest, open environment”.(WH Smith plc, 2010)

Financial Performances
1) Share Price Analysis

The definition of share price is the price of one share of stock. Share price also can be called stock price, it change every day as the result of market forces. It reflects by the changes between demand and supply for the whole economy. To be clear, the more people prefer to buy stocks rather than sell it, the higher price occurs and vice versa. Share price fluctuating up and down could be caused by many reasons. For example, whether the news of the company is good or not, the economic situation could be related as well.
The decision will be associated with those conditions by investor in the market. Generally speaking, the investors will consider whether the company is worth investing or not. Therefore, share price movements show actual company performance. However, the company value does not exactly...

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