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Comparative Essay

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Women in literature have always been oppressed and the men are seen as the dominant ones. It also is stated that women are oppressed psychologically. Both the short stories The yellow wallpaper and story of an hour show this. The yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins and the story of an hour by Kate Chopin are very similar in many ways. Both short stories are similar because the husbands play a key role in the death of the main characters, the main characters are both going through psychological battles, and the ending is tragic for the main characters.
In the yellow wallpaper the reason that the husband John plays a huge role in his wifes death is for many reasons. A more noticeable factor ...view middle of the document...

“She said it over and over under her breath: ‘free, free, free!’ “ (Chopin 1463). This is when Louise was expressing her joy for her new found freedom. Other factors are that if she was happier when he died then he was obviously doing something wrong in the relationship to make her feel this way. Brentley being a poor husband and not being there for Louise can relate to how John treated his wife wrong and wasn’t there for her like he should of been.
The wife in the yellow wallpaper has psychological issues that slowly progress throughout the story. At the start of the story it is stated where she is and we found out that something is wrong with her. As the story carries out is clear she gets worse and worse and she starts to act oddly. “I cry at nothing, and cry most of the time.” This shows how the wife is starting to lose it a bit and acts strange. The yellow wallpaper becomes symbolic to her when it really is just wallpaper and this is when it is clear she is a little crazy. “...I kept still and watched the moonlight on that undulating wallpaper till I felt creepy. The faint figure behind seemed to shake the pattern, just as if she wanted to get out” (Gilman 1491). This is showing that she sees the wallpaper as something different and she thinks there is someone in it. By the end of the story she has completely lost her mind..
In the story of an hour Louise is also going through a psychological issues. Near the middle of the story is just a constant banter in her head whether she is happy or not that her husband is dead. “She had loved him - sometimes. Often she had not. What did it matter!” (Chopin 1463). This is showing how she is still deciding how she feels about the situation and still trying to make up her mind. She then argues with herself claiming he was a good man but she is happy he is gone even though she was just crying hysterically over him. “ She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arms” (Chopin 1462). This is when Louise was first sad about the death and was clearly upset but then suddenly she was over this and started to think she was happy and free enforcing the fact she is mentally unstable. Louise is clearly having mental issues similar to the wife from the yellow wallpaper.
At the end of the story in the yellow wallpaper the wife does die, but in a different way. She does not die literally but when John walks in to see her creeping around the room...

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