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Comparative Essay: Comparison And Contrast Between Big Bang Theory And Biblical Beliefs

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The first primordial stars began as tiny seeds that grew rapidly into stars one hundred times the mass of our own Sun. Seen here in this artist impression, swirling clouds of hydrogen and helium gasses are illuminated by the first starlight to shine in the Universe.

About 13.7 billion years ago, the Big Bang is thought to have created our universe. For about 1.5 billion years, the universe went through a cosmic dark age, until finally the first stars and galaxies were born.
Many details of how those stars were born are not known, but the new experiment helps fill in some gaps.
"The first star formation is a really ...view middle of the document...

They were able to precisely tune the velocities of the beams to calculate how changing their collision energy would affect how quickly the reaction took place.
Finally, the researchers compared their findings to theoretical predictions to constrain estimates of how massive the first stars likely were.

The microwave sky as seen by ESA's Planck satellite. Light from the main disk of the Milky Way is seen across the center band, while radiation left over from the Big Bang is visible on the outskirts of the image. 
A European satellite has beamed home its first map of the entire sky as seen in microwave light, to the delight of astronomers hoping to catch a glimpse at the earliest days of the universe.
The new sky map from the Planck observatory is the most detailed microwave map of the sky and is a record of the oldest light in the universe, so it could have important ramifications for cosmology ? including insights into the formation of the universe 13.7 billion years ago.
Scientists have eagerly awaited the data from Planck since the mission was launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) in May 2009. The observatory has been meticulously scanning the heavens in microwave light, which has longer wavelengths (shorter frequencies) than visible light.
Mapping the entire sky
Planck's microwave sky map shows the main disk of the Milky Way where new stars shine brightly and streamers of cold dust reach above and below this belt.
The map also reveals light echoes ? called the cosmic microwave background radiation ? left over from the Big Bang thought to have created...

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