Comparative Government Paper

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Guidelines for References, Sources, and Publications
Pf. Joseph McCarthy Esq.
Comparative Government

List of Articles……………………………………………………………………...3


Part1: Scholarly Journals…………………………………………………………...5

Part2: Types of Sources and References…………………………………………...8

Part 3: Websites as Reliable Sources……………………………………………...10

Part4: Using Databases……………………………………………………………12

List of Articles
* Rise Of Party/Leader Identification in Western Europe- Academic Search Premier (Zoe Lefkofridi & Alexia Katsanidou)

* Multilevel representation in European Parliament- Academic Search Premier (Diego Garzia)

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In part four you will see how a database works and how it varies from other forms of resources. You may also need tis in the completion of you assignments.
You will be required to write your own journal on a specific topic with comparative government by the end of the semester. Also you will have one ten to twelve page paper due at the end of the semester. Now that you are completely filled in on why I have given you this novel of a guideline, you have all the tools you need to become an absolute Comparative Government wiz! Good Luck!

Part 1: Scholarly Journals
Scholarly journals are a group of written articles, mainly by expert scholars and professionals. These articles are mainly intended for the viewing of other scholars or professionals in a similar field. Journals are an extremely resourceful way to acquire information; not only because they are done by experts, but bibliographies of these journals lead to many other reliable resources. The difference between journals and other types of periodicals is that journals are specifically written to be reliable sources of information to others. Many times other periodicals may contain information that is not thoroughly researched, or is flat out incorrect. This does not mean that journals never have misleading information, but a very high percentage of the time journals are far more reliable than other resources. Another fact to support this is that journals are authored by people with such a specific intelligence in the field they are writing. Many times these academic professionals have had a lifetime of experience to support what they are conducting. Therefore journals are an extremely reliable resource in comparison to other periodicals.
The Holy Spirit Library is a prime example of where many scholarly journals can be found (located directly across the street from founders). The library is home to hundreds of different journals, and other resources. The resources needed for this class will involve the subject of comparative government. Many journals can be found in the library on comparative government, along with political science and other government topics. A very easy way to find journals and other sources of information is through Cabrini’s library page found on the Cabrini website. In this class you will be asked to create your own journals about comparative government by relying on different types of resources like books, journals, websites, database etc. To get you started here is sample list of just a few of the many scholarly journals found in the Holy Spirit Library.
Public Administration and Development is a journal that is published every two months by Wiley Periodicals Inc. This journal specifically outlines the development of countries, the role of government institutions in creating a sustainable future. This journal, like many others, is used to find reliable information pertaining to the general knowledge of public institutions and their...

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