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Comparative Perspective On Organized Crime Essay

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Comparative Perspective on Organized Crime
Diana Harri
University of Phoenix
CJA 300 Organized Crime
Group SC06BCJ02
John Hullar
February 28, 2006

South Africa is a nation that is new to the world of organized crime, while India has seen the effects of organized crime for more than sixty years. While the organized groups in these countries may be different, the crimes being committed are the same in many aspects, drug trafficking and selling, smuggling and extortion. A major difference between the crimes of South Africa and India is that Indian criminal groups are heavily involved with terrorist ...view middle of the document...

In 1993, police discovered abalone, also known to be an aphrodisiac, was being harvested and traded by the tons. According to South African law, abalone can only be harvested by those who have a permit or a specific quota. The illegal trade of abalone was being operated in homes and smuggled into Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere for astounding fees. The police monitored the Chinese activity for the next several years, but during the late 90’s, the police re-prioritized the criminal activities going on and pulled those who were monitoring the Chinese crime activities. With no dedicated police unit to monitor the activities of the Chinese, by 2000 they had increased their criminal activities to include drug-trafficking, money-laundering, prostitution and the exportation of exotic goods.
Another group that operates out of South Africa is Russian criminal groups, focusing on diamond and weapon smuggling along with investing in legitimate business. In 1998, the South African Minister of Safety and Security met with Russian officials and provided a list of 23 people believed to be involved with organized crime in South Africa. Due to the fact that many of these individuals use legitimate businesses as a front for their criminal activities, no one has been arrested for their crimes. South African authorities also believe the Russian groups are using small, unguarded airports to bring in and take out goods, such as diamonds, weapons, and drugs. The Russians believed to be involved in these crimes are not mafia members, but associated with the Russian mafia, and are using South Africa since their borders are not as heavily guarded.
In India, trafficking of drugs, arms, human beings and money laundering is a linkage between organized crime and terrorism. “Terrorist groups, whether indigenous or sponsored by outside states, need arms and money for their fight against the security forces. Organized crime conglomerates need a clientele and couriers who can smuggle drugs, arms, and human beings across the countries and regions.” (Chandran, 2003) Dawood Ibrahim is the godfather of godfathers in India, allegedly running criminal activities from Bangkok to Dubai. His organization, known as D Company, is believed to have strong-arm protection, participate in drug trafficking, murder-for-hire and extortion. Dawood Ibrahim is a household name across the country and is believed to be the most wanted man in India. He has been designated a global terrorist by the United States Treasury Department for assisting al Qaeda with smuggling routes and providing engineering help with the 1993 Bombay attack. “Understanding Dawood’s operations are important, experts say, because they show how growing numbers of terrorist groups have come to rely on the tactics, and profits, of organized criminal activity to finance their operations across the globe.” (Kaplan, 2005)
When the Madrid...

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