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Comparative Study Of Poem Essay

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Chapter I The Problem

Having a term paper as a requirement for the graduating students is important. It may be difficult for the students since it is their first time to make this requirement but it is fun to do this, since this is one of knowing the author and the same time develop the researcher’s skill in analyzing and interpreting ideas. In the writing this term paper the researchers gain information and get familiar to the works and life story of the two authors. This term paper focuses the comparative study of William Blake and Walt Whitman. The researchers gather information through research and analyze the data to answer the question stated in the problem.

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After his father died on 1784, Blake set up a print shop next door to the family shop. In 1787, his beloved brother Robert died; thereafter Blake claimed that Robert communicated with him in visions. It was Robert, Blake said, who inspired him with a new method of illuminated etching. The words and on design was drawn on reverse on the plate covered with an acid, resting substance; acid was them applied. Blake used his unique methods to print almost all of his long poems. In 1787, Blake produced Song of Innocence (1789) as the first major work in his new process, followed by Song of Experience (1794). The magnificent lyrics of these two collections carefully compare the openness of innocence with the bitterness of experience.

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Blake spent the years 1800 to 1803 in Sussex working with William Hayley, a minor poet and man of letters. With good intensions Hayley tired to cure Blake of his unprofitable enthusiasm. Blake finally rebelled against this criticism and reject Hayley’s help. In Milton (c.1800-1810).Blake wrote an allegory in this relationship. He identified with the poet John Milton (1600-1674) in leaving the safety to heaven and returning to earth. Also at this time in life Blake was accused of uttering sedition (treasonous) sentiments. Has was later found not guilty but the incident affected much of Blake’s final epic. Jerusalem (c.1804-1820). Back in London, Blake worked hard of this poems engraving and painting, but he suffered several reverses. He also received insulting reviews of that project and of and exhibition he grave in 1809 to introduce of idea of decorating public buildings with portable frescoes (painting done on moist plaster using water-based paints). He composed the Four Zoas , mystical story predicting the future showing how evil rooted in man’s basics faculties reasons, passions, instinct, and imagination (Imagination was the hero).

The next decade is a sad and private period in Blake’s life. He did some significant work, including his designs on Milton’s poems L’Allegro and II Panseroso (1816) and the writing of his own poem The Everlasting Gospel (c. 1818). He was also sometimes reduced to writing for others and the public did not purchase on read his divinely inspired predictions and visions. After 1818, however, conditions improved, his last six years of life were spent of Foundation count surrounded by a group of admiring young artist.

Blake’s history does not end his death. In his own lifetime he was almost unknown except to a few friends and faithful sponsor. He was even suspected of being mad, but interest in work grew during the middle of nineteenth century and difficult mythology. He has been acclaimed as one who shares common ideals held by psychologist, writers (most probably William Butler Yeats [1865-1939]). The works of William Blake have been used by people rebelling against a wide variety...

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