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Compare And Contrast Components And Purposes Of Information Technology And Information Systems In Organizations

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Compare and Contrast Components and Purposes of Information Technology and Information Systems in Organizations.

Cynthia Coleman
Systems Analysis and Design CIS 3512
Professor Setterlind
July 6, 2014
Information Systems have been around for a long time, whereas, the term Information Technology is relatively new. The U.S. Postal Service could be considered an information system with sub-systems including logistics, and transportation. With a system of main post offices and community locations, the Postal Service is able to move letters and packages around the world in only a few days. Since the introduction of computers into the business industry, Information ...view middle of the document...

Network resources include the Internet, intranets, extranets, and all the communications devices that interconnect users to the system and other users. A subset of network resources is the network support specialists that keep it all running. (2010). Activities that are associated with Information Systems begin with the input of data. Methods can include optical scanning, filling forms from prompts or menus, and any other input device that can communicate with the system. Data must be processed to be useful. Processing includes calculating, comparing, sorting, classifying, and summarizing. Once processed, data is made available for output in the form of messages, reports, and graphic images. Output may be provided by audio or video displays, paper or digital media, and multimedia graphics. Storage and archiving of data is another Information System activity. Data is commonly organized in fields, records, files, and databases for later retrieval. Possibly the most important thing that an Information System should do is to provide feedback about its input, processing, output, and system, to allow the System Analyst to adjust system performance to meet the needs of end users. (2010). Although, Information Systems and Information Technology are closely related, they approach the problem from different directions. While Information Technology deals with designing and developing of software, Information Systems involve the components and resources required to deliver information and processing functions to the organization. Some of the main purposes of Information Technology are to reduce cycle time by automating repetitive processes and thereby reducing cost of production. Speeding up the decision-making process by filtering large amounts of data and creating knowledge bases. Computer aided design has reduced the cost of new products and revisions, by...

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