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Even though both 88.9 Radio Milwaukee’s audio “Bringing Play Back to the Playground,” and the Neighborhood News Service’s article “Youth are on a Quest to Reclaim a Safe Milwaukee,” convey through the appeal to pathos that although one does not have a choice in what community he or she may be a part of geographically, it is the members’ responsibility to create a functioning place to live, both authors implement contrasting tones in order to represent the effects that a healthy or unhealthy community has on its members.
Through the appeal to pathos in both Radio Milwaukee’s audio and the Neighborhood News Service’s article, both illustrate that it is the responsibility of the members of ...view middle of the document...

Even though they cannot choose where they live, it is their responsibility due to the fact that they are the individuals who care for, for instance, these kids and they must create a safe environment where it is possible for kids to not worry about their safety, but simply to just have fun. Likewise, through the appeal to pathos, the Neighborhood News Service exploits in the article “Youth are on a quest to reclaim a Safe Milwaukee,” that just as it is the responsibility of the community to create a safe environment, it is also those members same duty in order to implement a change if that environment is not an acceptable living space. In the city of Milwaukee, youth have realized that their community has unwelcome components, “focusing on the prevention of bullying, violence, gang activity or substance abuse, or to share their vision of a safer, healthier community” ( ). By focusing on such strong and heavy ideas such as “bullying,” “violence,” “gangs,” and “substance abuse,” as well as highlighting the fact that it is the youth that are forced to deal with these issues, readers feel sympathy for this community. The appeal allows the audience to realize how terrible it is that the young members of such a large community are forced to deal with problems at such a large magnitude. However, this sympathy in itself also allows for a warning. Similar to the audio of the children singing, it forces the audience to understand that the state of the community is in the hands of its members. It is the individuals of a community’s job to ensure that their living space remains a haven for children to play and feel safe, but if it begins to transform into a violent area, they must be the ones to stand up and make a change. Hence, in both Radio Milwaukee’s audio and the Neighborhood News Service’s article, both illustrate through the appeal to pathos that it is the responsibility of the members of the community at large to dictate what norms must be established in order to maintain a functioning community.
Furthermore, in order to express the effects that a functioning or non-functioning community has on its members, Radio Milwaukee’s audio and the Neighborhood News Service’s article utilize contrasting tones. Through the use of a playful tone in “Bringing Play Back to the Playground,” Radio Milwaukee exposes that the ultimate goal of a healthy community is attainable and beneficial for those living there. At the Jeremiah Curtin Leadership Academy, recess “is transformed into a really fun place to hangout…and just a happy, happy place” ( ) Zini makes use of words such as “transformed,” “fun,” “hangout,” and “happy,” in order to form a tone which is parallel to the environment that this community has created. Instead of simply utilizing words such as “content” compared to...

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