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Compare And Contrast Essay On Booker T Washington And W E B Dubois

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What is trust? According to Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, trust is an assumed reliance or the character, ability, and strength of someone or something. My definition of trust is someone who can do something without being checked up on or being able to depend on someone. The focus of this essay will be trust. I will go in depth on trust at home, school and trust in general. Follow me on this journey as I explain why trust is needed and how it betters your character. Let's begin…Trust is needed everywhere you go. In my opinion I think it is most important because home is where the heart is. My heart is my family. At home, you have to have trust. Without trust in your own ...view middle of the document...

(Yes I am making this a personal issue). When you have trust in your home, you have trust everywhere you go. You will also be trusted to do things outside of your home like go on retreats and movies with friends. This is why trust is needed at home.Trust is also needed in school. Trust is need with your parents and teachers when it comes to school. Your parents have to trust you every day as they go out to work and send you to school to behave and do all your work. They don't have time to be at work worrying about if there is disrupting a class or doing their work. They should be able to go to work and be at ease. It's hard enough working a job any ways. Your teachers have to trust you too. They have to be able to know that you won't cheat on a test or that you will do your homework before you get to class and not copy someone else's work. They have to know that when a substitute covers a class and they leave work that it will be done. For example if a teacher decides to go over the homework, she should be able to trust that no one will copy the questions and try to hand it in as their homework. Without trust in school you will feel like an unwanted student.Trust is the epicenter of all relationships! Without trust everything you say or do is put into question. Needless to say a life without trust is like a deep hole that you can't get out of, it's just not worth all the pain and hurt that you will inevitably endure. This is how I perceive the definition of trust in my life and as well as what I've seen in others life.

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