Compare And Contrast How The Writers Of A Chip Of Glass Ruby And The Surest Thing In Show Business Employ Different Techniques For Characterization, And To What Effect

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A successful story needs powerful characters to bring the story alive for the readers, and skillful characterization is needed for such purpose. Characterization is the method used by a writer to develop a character. “The method includes showing the character's appearance, displaying the character's actions, revealing the character's thoughts, letting the character speak, and getting the reactions of others.” This essay will discuss the different techniques for characterization in The Surest Thing in Show Business and A Chip of Glass Ruby.The characterization of the main characters in both stories was effectively achieved through the delicate and tactful use of dialogue. In The ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, through the emotions and events experienced by a third party person, it can reflect certain characteristics of the character that the writer is trying to focus on. In A Chip of Glass Ruby, as the imprisonment of Mrs. Bamjee proceeded, Mr. Bamjee experienced anger, frustration and disorienatation. He was left alone with nine children, and he lost the wife he loved. “When he married her and moved in…For years and years he had not noticed it, and now it was gone.” This emphasized the importance and significance of Mrs. Bamjee, and it echoes her existence as a wife and mother of the family. In the same way, “’Oh but don’t you see?’ the girl said. ‘It’s because she doesn’t want anybody to be left out. It’s because she always remembers; remembers everything…That’s how Ma is.” This dialogue from Girlie is very significant in reflecting how Mrs. Bamjee is a character who cares for everyone around her, and she always thinks of other people’s needs rather than her own. She was the person who made sure all the people got what they wanted and had their needs satisfied, and with this amazing quality, she was able to bring security and joy to those around her.Contrastingly, in The Surest Thing in Show Business, the whole story was told in first person perspective. Everything encountered in the story was through the eyes of Jake, and the readers experience directly as Jake...

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