Compare And Contrast Independence Movements In North America And South America

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When one compares the independence movements in North America and South America one would see a lot of differences and similarities between the two. The major differences were probably due to different geographical aspects of the two continents. Along with this, there were also variations among the societies. Although there were a lot of differences between the movements towards independence, there were also some similarities.Unlike the Latin American colonies, the North American colonies were the first to declare their independence. There were a couple reasons, as to why North American independence was different from the South American. First of all there was more unity among the colonies. This is ...view middle of the document...

However, the colonies received more external help from the French to help fight off the British forces.In South America there was much less unity among the people than there was in North America. This was probably caused by the fact that there was more poverty and class difference, especially in colonies like Haiti. This resulted in much more uprisings and violence among the people in Spanish colonies. However in Brazil there was a lot less violence and struggle to achieve independence. In Brazil, the independence movement was much more peaceful than it was in North America. In fact, it was the only colony in Latin America to have a peaceful transition to independence. Perhaps the major difference was that the colonies in South America were more loosely controlled by the Spanish/Portuguese government. This was probably why the Spanish colonies didn't receive much external help. An even more significant difference was that unlike the colonies in North America, South American colonies ended up being separate countries with more or less democratic republican governments.Although there were a lot of differences between the independence movements in the two continents, there were also a few similarities. Though most Spanish colonies had a lot of poverty and class difference among their people, Brazil had a similar society to that of North American colonies. In Brazil there wasn't much class difference as there wasn't any in North America.In conclusion, there appears to be a lot of differences between the independence movements of North America and South America. These differences were probably due to geographical variation and diversity between the people.

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