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Compare And Contrast Microteach With Observed Lesson

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In comparing and contrasting between my microteach and my observed lesson it should be noted at the outset that the microteach was not undertaken in front of “real” students, rather the microteach “students” were actually my peers on the Certificate in Education course. My class is an adult group studying for an HE qualification, and therefore they are already well versed in both the colleges and the tutor’s expectations of their behaviour as this is already established as part of the Cert Ed. course they are studying. This group of students can generally be considered to be well educated and of high self esteem, which means that they have high expectations, and set themselves more ...view middle of the document...

g., the dog ate my homework), engaging in little or no practice for upcoming tasks, having low-challenge goals, exaggeration of obstacles to success, and the strategic reduction of effort (Thompson, 2004; Tice & Baumeister, 1990). In the event of failure, the person has an immediate excuse. Self-handicapping occurs more often when individuals are typically uncertain about their abilities and competencies (Rhodewalt & Agustsdottir, 1986)”

I always take into account this sort of consideration about abilities and expectations in my GCSE group when planning lessons and assessment methods, as in the past I have found that the students low-levels of confidence, can quickly lead to frustration, which can spread like wild fire through the group and upset the balance of a lesson dramatically if left unchecked.

During the planning stages for my Origami Box themed Microteach lesson, I was reading the book Teaching Today by Geoffrey Petty. Geoffrey Petty’s research states that most people find visual information easier to remember than verbal information. (Petty, 2004) Another advantage of visual aids, according to Geoffrey Petty, is that visual aids are a valuable tool to aid conceptualisation.

I took this into consideration in my planning, as at first I was simply going to lead the group through the practical by means of a demonstration. Instead I decided to begin the lesson with a brief introduction to the history of Origami. I created a PowerPoint presentation to communicate this segment. I had to research and locate images of different origami pieces using books and the internet, the pictures were processed for ILT purposes using Adobe Photoshop and then imported into PowerPoint to be combined with text including keywords, translations from Japanese and also historical facts and figures.

I sourced music from the same ancient era of Japanese culture, the Endo period, and played this audio track during the lesson introduction while I set out the aims and objectives on the whiteboard. The music maintained the students interest and set the mood at the start of the PowerPoint presentation.

During the PowerPoint presentation, I asked students to guess the facts before giving them the answers using the smart board to reveal the answers. Once the presentation portion was over I realised that I had moved more quickly than anticipated through this segment, which I put down to mild nervousness. I checked myself at this point however, and made a conscious effort to work doubly slow for the next part, which was the practical exercise. This worked well giving more time for the practical session.

During planning, I realised that even at this high level, some students may have trouble following the demonstration alone. So, taking into account Petty’s advice on making visual aid handouts, I created a handout using Microsoft word and Adobe Illustrator which used visual aids such as hand drawn technical diagrams, and symbols, as well as...

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