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Compare And Contrast Stress Essay

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Report: Compare and contrast three techniques used to mange stress.

Stress management helps a person deal with stresses whether every day stresses, ongoing stress including phobias that cause stress to a person. Stress can cause problems to physical health and cause depression. There are many ways to manage these include psychological and physiological (biological) methods. After looking into three different methods both psychological and physiological I found.
Two psychological approaches which both focus on changing how a person reacts to a stressor they do this by changing how a person feels towards the stressor. Cognitive therapy use a method called hardiness. Hardiness works by ...view middle of the document...

Hardiness training has no negative side effects or risk of addiction so is a safer way to mange stress then drug therapy. Also it is less expensive compared to drugs. But hardiness is not available everywhere so may be harder to come across then drug therapies. Hardiness training like other cognitive approaches can be a lengthily period and the person has to be highly motivated to succeed, it is also not a rapid response. Research into hardiness training has very restricted samples as it has only be studied on American professional men, this may not answer a wider range of different people dealing with stress. Rotter (1966) also noted that certain individuals are also likely to better at being in control than others.
Another psychological approach which is also uses cognitive therapy is stress inoculation training (SIT) developed by Meichenbaum in (1976) as with hardiness training it works by changing the way we think about stress therefore changing how a person reacts to the stressor. It works by believing that a person finds a situation stressful because they are not in control so they think the worst. SIT again like hardiness tries to make the stressful situation seem more positive so a person feels able to cope with the stressor. SIT methods are used in three methods firstly the client is made to think about how they think of a stress and then how they mange that feeling, this is then talked through with the therapist. Next relaxation techniques are taught to help aid reduce stress so it will help the client feel that they can deal with the stressor and helping them cope with the fear of the stressor. Finally the therapist gives the client less stressful situations to deal with once they have overcome these, more difficult ones are given. SIT like hardiness training and other psychological approaches deals with the problem being caused by stress rather than drug therapy which deals with the emotion. SIT has no side effects or risk of addiction so like hardiness is a less risky way to mange stress. Research shows that SIT does work it has been shown to work with military combat chronic stress (Meichenbaum 1994) also in physical conditions such as recurrent headaches (Holroyd et al (1977). SIT requires training which other therapies which use drugs don’t require so it is not effective for treating acute stress, such as going to the dentist or an interview. Psychological approaches are more expensive and more time consuming, and it is not always available, where as drug therapy is easy to come across and less costly. When SIT was developed Meichenbaum (1976) also said that the training should be taken before stress reaches a critical level so it would need to be used early on and not everyone can know when their stress levels are going to be critical.
Physiological approach manages stress by using drugs to stop a person becoming and feeling stressed. Once known as ‘minor tranquillisers’ are now known as ‘anxiolytics’. They can mange stress...

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