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Compare And Contrast Tennyson's The Charge Of The Light Brigade With

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Compare and contrast Tennyson's The Charge of the Light Brigade with
Kipling's The Last of the Light Brigade.

Tennyson and Kipling both wrote the story of the Light Brigade who
fought in the Crimean war, in the battle of Balaclava. This battle
took place between the English and the Russians in Eastern Europe on
the 25th October 1854.

Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote his poem also in 1854, just after the
battle had ended, and his aim was to build national pride in the
hearts of the English people, and to " Honour the charge they made."
Tennyson wanted to boost the moral of the English people because of
the Light Brigades defeat. Tennyson wanted to change the feeling of
defeat, to one ...view middle of the document...

Kipling wrote that the soldiers in his poem who " look for the master
singer who had crowned them all in his song" only wanted justice to be
served, and for Tennyson who wrote " we were heroes once " to write
"we are starving now."

Tennyson's poem was written quickly and it is felt in the pace. He
uses rhythm in his poem, which is one of the horse's charging hooves.
He does this because the soldiers are said to have ridden bravely into
battle, and that they were part of a strong unit. He focuses on the
glory of war, and he portrays an image of the "Brave" and "heroic"
Light Brigade charging in to battle.

Tennyson also uses enjambment in some lines, mainly in direct speech.
He does this primarily to give the past paced poem a flow to it.

Tennyson uses blank verse in nearly all of his stanzas, but
occasionally he uses rhyme. He uses the adjectives "The noble six
hundred" at the end of the sixth stanza to describe the soldiers; he
also makes slight adjustments to the words to show the change in the
soldier's position. " Rode the six hundred." " Left of six hundred."

He also uses other adjectives to describe the soldiers and how "
boldly they rode and well."

Tennyson states how there was " Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to
the left of them." Tennyson uses repetition here to show how the
English were surrounded by the Russian cannons, and how the General
had "Blundered," and had sent the soldiers straight into the "Jaws of
Death." He also uses personification here to create on image of the
English charging into the jaws of a huge beast, standing no chance
against it.

Tennyson uses alliteration to create on image of the soldiers being "
Stormed at with shot and shell," but still they kept riding. Tennyson
uses Emotive language to bring out a feeling on Empathy, and sympathy,
but also a feeling of pride. " While horse and hero fell."

Tennyson uses this language to bring out an overall feeling of
National pride, and to " honour the Light Brigade". He glorifies the
battle to draw people away from the thought of it being a disaster, to
it being one of Bravery.

On the other hand Kipling uses rhyming couplets in his poem. He also
uses rhythm, which is loose and relaxed, and sounds almost like a
nursery rhyme. Although the rhythm is easy, the theme is shocking and
horrific. His poem is relaxed, and not rigid like Tennyson's because
he has nothing to praise and glorify. What is contained in Kipling's
poem is sad, and is the result of his anger towards the disloyalty the
English showed to the " Poor little army limping and lean and

Kipling also uses enjambment for direct speech " Let us go to the man
who writes the thing " Although Kipling's poem is fiction, because the
troops never went to confront " The master singer" about why he had
turned them into something they weren't. Kipling does try to make the
poem personal, by putting in the speech of the soldiers, and what they

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