Compare And Contrast The Attitudes To Travelling To Paris In Text 1 And Text 2 And Explain The Expectations Of Paris That Are Conveyed In The Texts

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Compare and Contrast the Attitudes to Travelling to Paris in Text 1 and Text 2 and Explain the Expectations of Paris that are Conveyed in the Texts.
Text 1, 'Stories are Waiting in Paris' is multimodal text of a transcript for a Eurostar advert. A multimodal text relies on more than one medium, meaning that you not only have to read but listen and watch. This makes it more powerful as it appeals to your different senses, for example the sound of the 'hurdy-gurdy' music playing continuously in the background is atmospheric and so helps you to set the scene of Paris. The use of the pronoun 'you'll' appeals to the audience, "maybe you'll go left" as it directly addresses them making the individual feel that they are the particular person that the advertisers care about which helps narrow the gap between the audience and the advertiser making the advert more personal and so more appealing. the consistent use of the word 'maybe' is syntactic ...view middle of the document...

The phrase 'hopefully not him' may also suggest that as well as the joyous atmosphere and people, indicated by sounds made such as the kissing and skipping audio there are also some unsavoury characters but you would not like to meet when in Paris.
Text 2, 'Mile by Mile London to Paris', is similar to text one in that is a text that is designed to attract tourists to the area. It is an informative article written to promote and encourage tourists to visit the Gare du Nord. The article informs potential visitors on the historical background and importance of the station as many people are not aware of its beauty and see it only as 'a stop before Paris.' Its audience is mainly tourists are currently visiting France or Paris, most likely by train, or for those thinking of visiting in the future but could also by directed at those who live locally or in the vicinity of the Gare du Nord. The tone of the article is both factual and informative but also shows in enthusiasm and admiration of the station. Positive pre modifiers such as 'ultimate' and 'beautiful' show the admiration of the writer and technical jargon is also used such as 'Facade' and 'platform.' The quote "a gateway not only to the city but also to the continent beyond it" shows the international links, size and importance of the station and provides train links to all over Europe. Comparative words such as bigger and grander show the progress the station has made throughout the years due to development needed from an increase in rail traffic but has kept its aesthetic facade, which is highlighted by the words 'saved' and 'reinstalled' which provides a link between the past and present.
Both text 1 and 2 are similar in the fact that they are trying to persuade the audience to travel to Paris using language devices to appeal more to the reader. However both texts have a very different way of tempting the audience. Text one uses sounds, images and videos to show Paris which may be more appealing to those who do not enjoy reading large chunks of text and prefer visual stimulation where as text 2 contains more historical content which may encourage those who wish to learn about the places they visit as well as basking in the beauty of the place.

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