Compare And Contrast The Representations And Ideologies Operating In An Adventure Game And A Simulation Game Of Your Choice. In What Ways Do They Indicate The Target Audience For The Games?

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Compare and contrast the representations and ideologies operating in an adventure game and a simulation game of your choice. In what ways do they indicate the target audience for the games?

There are many ideologies and representations in video games in the contemporary world. These representations and ideologies are what attract the target audience, as the audience can relate to the game through these representations and ideologies and feel a sense of escapism or personal identification. The games Call of Duty (COD4): Modern Warfare (2007) and Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) reflect contemporary issues through the representations and ideologies they depict.

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Historically it reflects the gulf war of the 90’s and even the cold war, as throughout the game the Americans fight against the Russians over nuclear weapons. This historical and political context shown through representations and ideologies indicates the target audience as it attracts a vast amount of gamers, whether it be an older generation who have lived through these events and would like to relive them, or whether it be the stereotypical western teenager who, through secondary socialization has been fed bourgeoisie ideologies of white supremacy and western power over the gulf.

Grand Theft Auto IV is the latest installment in the ongoing Rockstar Games series of Grand Theft Auto. This series is frequently in the newspapers and is generally an ongoing media debate, due to the issues that it covers throughout its gameplay, and the violence within the game. In Grand Theft Auto IV the gamer plays the part of an illegal Russian immigrant in New York, Niko. This character is a stereotypical eastern European immigrant, and reflects ideologies which middle class America so commonly consume, such as the violent activities and the association with drugs. This indicates the target audience as a lot of Americans can relate to the issues that are shown in the game. Grand Theft Auto allows the gamer to virtually take part in an unfamiliar society to that of the average...

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