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Compare And Contrast Two Social Science Views About The Ordering Of Social Life

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Compare and contrast two social science views about the ordering of social life.

The way in which individuals form and maintain social lives with others and with the things around them is founded by social ordering; a concept defined as a set of linked social structures, social institutions and social practices which conserve, maintain and enforce ways of relating and behaving (Wikipedia, accessed on 25th June 2014). This essay will compare and contrast the theories of social ordering suggested by Goffman and Foucault, comparing and contrasting the different concepts of how social order is produced, reproduced and maintained. Both theorists are interested in the links between the ...view middle of the document...

2009, p. 172). Social interaction and individual behaviour differs with changes in context and the way in which individuals perform and interpret roles involves the use of interactional processes such as body language, eye contact and the use of language to construct social order through rituals and repetitive practices used in everyday activities by people as they live their life. When disorder arises in society order is repaired and reproduced through processes of social interaction, which lead to innovations in the order of social life and creates social change. Goffman gathered evidence to support his claims by involving himself as a participant observer in different social situations in order to explore social interactions create social order. His analysis focused on the micro-social √ (orders of interaction in individuals) with no concern for how interactional order is authorised. In contrast to Goffman's views, Michael Focault's analysis of social ordering focuses on authority, knowledge, power and discourses within orders of interaction and the historical dimension of social order (Silva, 2009, p. 319).

In contrast to Goffman, Focault focuses very little on human interaction in his theory of social order. Focault claims that the way in which society behaves is shaped by authority, in particular authorities used in social and political institutions, and that social order is produced through the power of knowledge and discourse. In contrast to Goffman, Focault believes that power and the knowledge of experts work in subtle ways through discourse to provide a framework that shape the attitude and provide norms for the way to behave in society. Whereas Goffman's analysis focused very much on the individual in his concepts, Foucault sees the individual as socially constituted, whereby the way in which social life in constructed is through discourses. These discourses are historically and socially specific and Focault's analysis focuses particularly on the history of social order and by whom interactions are authorised (Silva, 2009, p. 320). There is huge contrast between how Goffman and Focault view the individual. Whereas Goffman views the individual as a self aware and coherent being able to be in control their own life, Focault views the individual as having very little control over how they live their life, with everything they do having been shaped by historical processes and those in power or authority. According to Focault, there are three different types of power exercised over society. The first is sovereign power, whereby authorities of society, such as the monarch or a political authority, enforce their power with their ability to punish those who do not behave accordingly. The second is the power of surveillance, enforced by society knowing they could be seen, which would influence people through internalised disciplines to behave the way in which they perceived as normal. Thirdly, the power of liberalism produced by these...

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