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Compare/Contrast Essay

1016 words - 5 pages

Janelle Lebron
Professor Christine Reeves
English 101
22 November 2014
Just Walk On By vs. Girl

Short stories, novels, and even articles today usually hold a meaning that can be rewritten in many different ways, but still gets the deeper gist of the story. It does not matter if the story is fiction or based on actual events, the message that is meant to get across will almost effortlessly. Just Walk On By and Girl are unlike in minor and immense ways, a couple significant differences are the time period and the narrator’s gender. In spite of the differences, Just Walk On By and Girl show very important similarities which are the longing to fit into social standards and how African ...view middle of the document...

Another strong comparison between the two short stories would be the narrator’s both being of African American decent. African Americans sometimes suffer a harder time fitting into social situations due to their history and constantly being looked down upon. Girl and Just Walk On By equally manage to show the hardships of being African American and how to manage around nationalities that are not as accepting. Staples, from Just Walk On By, describes a night when he is walking home, and people walking past him would speed walk, hold their purse a little tighter, or even cross the street, due to him being an African American. In the walkers eyes he could be dangerous. Staples began experimenting and found that humming a well-known Beethoven tune would help soothe the nervous of the person walking past him, making them more at ease. In the background of Girl evidence is provided to inform us the time period of the story is during the slavery outlaw in Britain. Gaining independence during that time period made it very vital for African American’s to be able to be like anyone that is not of African descent.
Despite the similarities between both articles there are also differences the reader has to account for. One enormous difference is the time period Just Walk On By and Girl are set in. Just Walk On By time period is very modern. It is known that the time period is modern due to trains and city life referenced in the passage. Girl’s background informs us that the time period the narrator is speaking from is the sixteenth to seventeenth century. This time period gap can present many differences due to humans evolving over the course of time. Human’s that were alive during the sixteenth/seventeenth century had different views on cultural standards along with morals as opposed to today. Today humans are more open minded to diversity and taking...

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