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Compare Kfc Between Thailand And China

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Master of Business Administration Concentration in IMC
Course Code: BB503
Course Title: Marketing Management

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Observation Assignment
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25 October 2014
25 October 2014

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Sizes | * Small * Vary sizes e.g. small, medium, big, extra big * The number of fried chicken set is in 1 piece, 2 pieces, and 3pieces.chickenString block | * Large * Vary sizes e.g. small, medium, big, extra big * The number of fried chicken set is in 1 piece, 6 pieces, and 9 pieces.chickenString block A whole chicken |
Services | * Delivery (Delivery service is from 10.00 A.M. to 10.00 P.M. daily.) * Staff service * Online ordering service (You can order by phone 1150 or website online or on mobile app.) * Door-to-door delivery services * Telephone order service | * Buy at least 39 Yuan delivery (Delivery service is from 10.00 A.M. to 10.00 P.M. daily but some area delivery 24 hours.) * Staff service * Online ordering service * Door-to-door delivery services (faster) * Telephone order service |
Warranties | * Fresh ingredients * Security Clean quickly |
Returns | * Can get a new one |
Price |
List price | * Affordable but Thailand's price is cheaper than China’s. * Different products, sizes, and tastes have different prices. * Price on the website, front shop and some special places are different such as an airport. |
Discounts | * Discount coupon * A set of meal for the recommended number of people in special price | * Discount coupon * A set of meal for the recommended number of people in special price |
Allowances | * Buy one get one * The second half price |
Payment period | Specific period of promotion |
Credit terms | * Price include tax * 40 bath for delivery * The right to change a price of product or promotion without informing customers in advance | * Price include tax |
Place |
Channels | * Online * Website ( * Mobile application * Call * Line * Facebook ( * Twitter * Offline * Front shop (in mall, gas station, tourist attraction) | * Online * Website ( * Mobile application * WeChat * Weibo * Offline * Front shop (in mall) |
Coverage | Both brick-and mortar and click-and-mortar channels can cover target customers who are in generation X and Y and require comfortable life such as students and working people. |
Assortments | All medias of KFC are linked to each other in order to capture all assessments of customers. In addition, KFC is also offered in distribution channels of other product classes under Yum! umbrella such as Pizza Hut. |
Locations | Dining area in shopping plaza |
Promotion |
Sales promotion | Same kind of promotion is offered in both countries. * A promotion is promoted on the website to reduce advertising cost. * A product assortment is developed as a set of meal to promote at both website and front shop. * A discount coupon is provided. |
Advertising | * Outdoor advertising is normally setup at the front of shopping plaza. * Digital...

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