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Compare Sources A And B As Evidence For Henry Vii Claim To The Throne Of England

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Compare sources A and B as evidence for Henry VII’s claim to the throne of England [30]
On comparing sources A and B as evidence for Henry VII’s claim to the throne in 1485, it can be said both have relevant use as both give an account of events at the time of Henry VII’s coronation. However it is questionable how reliable each of the two sources are because of the position of the authors in relation to King Henry VII and their willingness to stay loyal.
A key factor which makes sources A and B useful as evidence for Henry VII’s claim to the throne is the background of each of the authors. Source A was written by an unknown English author and Tudor Cleric, commonly now known as ...view middle of the document...

With source A being written in 1486, one year after Henry VII was crowned King of England, and source B being written in the same year of his coronation of 1485, it is evident that both sources are contemporary and relevant at the time. The fact both sources recall the order of events after he was crowned King within one year, it suggests both authors should be taken seriously as their comments would reflect the atmosphere of the people at the time he became King. This is especially useful as evidence for Henry VII’s claim to the throne because both the authors’ accuracy in the recollection of his coronation would guide the English public to be assured the information presented is credible.
In addition the reason why sources A and B were written is another significant factor in explaining how useful they are as evidence of Henry VII’s claim to the throne. Both sources were issued for public distribution and as a way of spreading information throughout the country of their new king; therefore it is questionable how far historians can trust the sources. In both sources it is clear the authors intention is to make sure the public approve of the king and to certify he earned his rightful place on the throne through battle, which explains the positive attributions of the extracts. It can be argued however that considering source A was only published as a means of informing the public in the ‘Croyland Chronicle’ of the events succeeding his crowning, the information could be modified into what Henry VII wanted the public to know and to put an image into their minds of the idyllic new monarch in order for the author to side with the king and prove his loyalty. Likewise source B published in ‘The Pope’s Bull’ would have been subjective towards the King as he was effectively ‘chosen by God’; as a result it is debateable how reliable the source is because people would not doubt the Pope’s judgement nor argue against the Church. In other words source A and B may not be as credible as first thought for the evidence of Henry VII’s claim to the throne because...

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