Compare The "Murder Scene" And The "Banquet Scene" In The Polanski Video With The Same Scenes In The "Macbeth On The Estate" Video, With Interpretation Of Shakespeare's Language

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I am comparing two key scenes of two different productions of Macbeth. The first is by Roman Polanski and the second is called "Macbeth On The Estate". Roman Polanski's version is true to the play. It is set in the same time and all the clothes and language are as they would have been back then. "Macbeth On The Estate" is a modern day adoption of the play. It is set in a council estate, and is about a gang war and the characters carry guns and wear modern day clothes.In the murder scene in the Polanski version, it is set in a castle, and Polanski uses a thunderstorm to set the atmosphere. This is pathetic fallacy. In this version, Duncan was portrayed as a kind, gentle old man, yet a little ...view middle of the document...

"Now o'er the one half world nature seems dead..."Polanski shows the actual murder scene very graphically when the murder takes place in a large chamber style bedroom. Macbeth steals the daggers from the two sleeping guards. Everything is very silent, then Duncan wakes up and sees Macbeth, who then puts a pillow over his mouth and stabs him. To finish Duncan off, Macbeth stabs him in the throat and blood spurts everywhere. Even by today's standards, this is a very graphic scene. After the murder, it shows a blood stained crown to emphasise why Macbeth murdered DuncanWhen he comes out of the room, he goes down to the well to wash his hands. Lady Macbeth comes down and is shocked at the sight of the blood, but she soon takes charge and tells Macbeth to clean off the blood then she goes to leave the two daggers back."A little water should clear us of this deed"After the murder though, Macbeth cannot forget what's happened. Straight after it, he starts to get uneasy, paranoid and scared."Macbeth shall sleep no more, Macbeth doth murder sleep"In "Macbeth On The Estate", we see a very drunken Duncan being carried up to bed while stumbling and falling. In this version he is seen as a very sly, sleazy character whereas in the first one he is portrayed as a kind and gentle man.Macbeth looks at himself in the mirror and decides not to go through with the murder of Duncan. When Lady Macbeth comes into the room she is angry that Macbeth isn't downstairs at the party. He tells her they are not going to do the murder."I have no spur to prick the spurs of my intent, but only vaulting ambition which o'erleaps itself "Lady Macbeth becomes angry and questions his manhood."Art thou afeard to be the same in thine own act and valour as thou art in desire"Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a very hard woman in this version. She looks more evil than the kind, angelic looking Lady Macbeth from the first version. She uses her sexuality as a means of convincing Macbeth to kill Duncan. We also see that the interpretation of Lady Macbeth's speech about the baby is that she has had a baby who died. We see an empty child's room and a picture of one. We are never told she had a child in the play but the film, from this speech has interpreted it in this way."I have given suck, and know how tender 'tis to love the babe that milks me"While Macbeth is at the table drinking beer by himself, he sees the dagger."Is this a dagger I see before me? Handle toward my hand"In this version however, we are not shown the dagger. Macbeth is looking straight in front of him and speaking, and we have to imagine there is a dagger there. There is also eerie music which begins to play louder and louder.He is talking as he moves up the stairs and the music gets even louder. When she gets there, Lady Macbeth is at the doorway and opens it for him. The murder scene is shorter than the Polanski version and it is less graphic, yet there is still quite a lot of blood.Again the theme of "Sleep no more" is used...

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