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Compare The Way The Temple, David, Solomon And The Kings Of Judah Are Presented In The Books Of 1 And 2 Chronicles With The Parallel Discussion In The Books Of Samuel And Kings

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Q: Compare the way the Temple, David, Solomon and the Kings of Judah are presented in the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles with the parallel discussion in the books of Samuel and Kings. Offer an explanation for any differences you may find.The Chronicler, author of Chronicles, bases much of his material on the books of Samuel-Kings. La Sor states 'Indeed, about one-half of the material in Chronicles is repeated virtually word for word from earlier Old Testament books.' (1982:630). The Chronicler's message can be understood by looking at what is omitted and added from the original texts.Samuel and Kings are written to an exiled nation and seek to explain what had happened to them and how they ...view middle of the document...

Ellis writes:"David's sins, the revolts of his people against him, his weakness in the government of his family and his people are all discreetly passed over. He is presented in a manner, quite unlike the impartial portrayal of the books of Samuel, as the ideal king." (1963:260)He does this not in order to misrepresent David, as David's negative aspects could be read in Samuel-Kings, but in order to inspire the people to return to obedience and true worship. David's rule is presented to us as a kingdom founded on true worship of God, with David being Israel's religious leader.David's extensive preparations for the building of the temple are detailed in 1Ch 23-28, effectively making David the founder and sponsor of the Jerusalem temple. In contrast, the book of Kings attributes the entire process of temple building to Solomon.This allows the Chronicler to portray David and Solomon in the same light as Moses and Joshua (Barker, 1985:580). Both parties divinely appointed, sanctioned and idealized as worship role models. The author follows this up by recalling the promises made to David by God (1Ch 17 & 2Sam 7, 2Ch 13:5, 21:7, 23:3), hinting that David's line is not finished.SOLOMONLike David, Solomon is also idealised. His negative aspects, the shaky rise to power (1Ki 11), the executions (1Ki 2), his tainted glory (1Ch 3:1-10:29) and his downfall (1Ch 11:1-40) is passed over in favour of the positive, his divine appointment as successor (1Ch 22:7-10, 28:6) and his unanimous support as king (1Ch 28-29). Like David '...[they] must be seen not only as the David and Solomon of history, but also as typifying the Messianic king of the Chroniclers expectation.' (Barker, 1985:580).Similarly Solomon and Huram-Abi (2Ch 2:13, 1Ch 2:20, 2Ch 1:5) become types of Bezalel and Oholiab (Ex 35:30-36). This is not mentioned in Samuel-Kings. Again the Chronicler reinforces that God has divinely sanctioned Solomon's rule and his temple.The Chronicler presents Solomon primarily in light of the temple and his cultic activities (2Ch 2:1-7:22). Pratt comments that 'For this reason, he presented an idealized Solomon to provide his post-exilic readers with a flawless model for their reconstruction efforts.' (1993:199)KINGS OF JUDAHWe have seen the Chronicler idealise David and Solomon, with the Kings of Judah he takes a different...

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