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Compare Windows 7 To Vista To Xp

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Compare Windows 7 to Vista to XP
Cedric Green
IT109 MS-Desktop operating System

Instructor: Luis A. Barreiros

Comparing Windows 7 to Vista to XP

Microsoft Windows XP the XP is short for experience it was released to the world on October 25, 2001. When it was released it was the most highly anticipated operating system on the market. It was introduced in two styles Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. (1) “Most of the feature where the same in home and professional, but the difference was that Windows XP Professional edition incorporated various feature to support communications, mobility, as well as remote help and support. Some of the support feature for home ...view middle of the document...

Today, a remarkable nine years after its release, XP remains the World’s most popular Operating System, with more than 50% of the market.
(4) “Windows Vista is a flashier, 3-D, feature-rich and more secure version of Windows XP, which is still a solid and robust performer. (Witness the fact that Microsoft still offers XP on new machines, despite the fact that Vista is widely available.) The upgrades do make it an attractive alternative to XP, but one troubling fact remains, which is that Microsoft has said it will only support Windows Vista for five years (now almost down to four years). Another thing to think about is that Vista, like any new software, has its flaws. Many of these have been corrected, but like any new product, tweaking—especially for security reasons—is an ongoing process. XP, on the other hand, has been updated and tweaked for years, thus offering a bit more stability. Given these facts, individual businesses and larger corporate enterprises will have to provide their own risk-benefit analyses when considering purchasing new machines with Vista native. Vista definitely has its advantages, but these must be weighed against possible drawbacks.” (5) “Microsoft started working on Vista in May 2001 (at that time, it was known as "Long-horn"). The intention was for it to be released in 2003 as an intermediate step between Windows XP and Windows Vienna—the operating system Microsoft intended to be the big new release. Over time, Vista absorbed the advanced features that were meant for Vienna. In addition, security was being beefed up in the wake of issues found in Windows XP. By August 2004, Microsoft decided to scrap their original game plan and decided to turn "Longhorn" into its next server product. By fall 2005, Vista was out for beta testing, and by early 2006, it seemed the overall product was ready, but it needed a few more tweaks to get it just right. Microsoft's original intention was to release Vista in time for Christmas 2006. Much to the chagrin of computer makers, who were hoping for Vista to help drive the sales of new PCs during the holiday season, the release was pushed back until January 2007.”

|Component |[pic]Windows Vista–Capable PC |[pic]Windows Vista Premium PC |
|[pic]Processor |[pic]800 MHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor; |[pic]1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor; Intel |
| |Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron, AMD, Via, or compatible |Core/Pentium/Celeron, AMD, Via, or compatible |
|[pic]Memory |[pic]512 MB |[pic]1 GB |
|[pic]Disk space |[pic]20 GB hard drive with 15 GB of free disk space |[pic]40 GB hard drive with 15 GB free disk space |
|[pic]Graphics |[pic]DirectX 9 video card capable of SVGA at 800 × 600 |[pic]DirectX 9 video card that...

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