Comparing And Contrasting A Magazine Advertisement With A Television Advertisement

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Comparing and Contrasting a Magazine Advertisement with a Television Advertisement

In our day to day lives we are surrounded with advertising, all be it
Bill boards Television, Magazines and various other kinds of media
which advertises. All of which are predominantly trying to influence
us enough to get a sale of their product. Advertising surrounds us in
many forms, whether we’re walking up a street and there are
billboards, driving in the car and the radio is on, reading the news,
finding out the gossip in our magazines, watching our favourite soap,
surfing the net, and now even picking up our mobile phones and finding
we are subjected to advertising. ...view middle of the document...

The sound can
create an effect or a mood. Most television adverts have a variety of
sounds. The camera work I feel probably has the most impact as that is
what catches your eye before you take notice of anything else,
especially in magazines. In magazines the camera work has to be good.
It can be close up, distant, a combination of both. Pictures can be
super imposed on each other. The camera work has to get your
attention. On the television camera work is extensive. There are
usually lots of scene changes to persuade or involve the viewer more.
The camera can, pan, fix frame, zoom, tilt and even be mounted onto a
moving object.

Occasionally celebrity endorsements are use in adverts. If the
celebrity is recognised by the viewer it is hoped that the viewer will
remain attentive and listen and look at the advert. These types of
adverts do not come cheap, but it makes viewers/readers think that if
the product is good enough for a person of their calibre, then they
should be using it, and it will make them equally as good.

A comparison of the qualities TV adverts and Magazine adverts have.
Magazines allow you time to browse. They hold more information than a
TV advert and sometimes contain free samples for specific adverts in
their magazine. They are cheaper to advertise in than television. TV
has the additional qualities that a magazine cannot portray which is
sound, music, jingles, language. The colour is used more effectively.
Although both use colour connotation, Television has a moving image
and you sometimes see demonstrations, but television is so expensive
in comparison especially during peak viewing hours.

The fragrance I chose for my magazine advert is a “touch of pink”
designed by well known LACOSTE. I thought this was a good advert to
choose as its uses many different selling techniques but it does not
state that it is a new product. It appears in the magazine Red. A
thick glossy monthly magazine which features shopping, fashion,
living, beauty, health and has many offers and stories of celebrities.
I think that its target audience is the younger female, in an age
range of 17-30. Touch of pink is a very modern fragrance and is
obviously out to attract the modern generation of sophisticated women.
This is a perfume women in the C and D categories would go for, but
also possibly some in the B category too, who want to feel young,
outgoing and vibrant.

The main colour of the advert is pink which leads me to believe it is
definitely not masculine. When I first saw the advert, the model in
the centre immediately struck my attention. Therefore I think she is
the hook. The model being attractive and dressed with a modern low cut
dress will cause males to stop and take an interest. This is a good
selling technique because it may make males go and buy it for their

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