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Comparing Gods And Goddesses Essay

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Comparing Gods and Goddesses
June 15, 2011

Comparing Gods and Goddesses
Myths are narrative stories that describe the creation of the world and how the first humans came into existence. According to Leonard and McClure (2004), human societies began as goddess-oriented and matrifocal (women-centered). Human societies evolved from primitive beginnings to a superior culture system of patriarchy (Leonard & McClure, 2004, p. 104). Although myths may differ from culture to culture, common elements and roles exist in each myth. In today’s society, myths and legends are fantasy-filled tales from ancient societies long gone. Therefore, Team A will describe the elements and ...view middle of the document...

The goddesses of death are the Queens of the Underworld, and receive the spirits of the dead. According to Leonard and McClure (2004), the goddesses of death manipulate the elements of and laws of nature to either heal or harm. Persephone, known as the Queen of the Underworld, controls the elements of fertility and sterility. The goddesses of death were ancient wise women, witches, and mediums. These goddesses were revered and at times feared. They share the elements of light and life, illness and health, and prosperity and poverty, such as the Greek Moirae-Clotho (thread of life), Lachesis (measures life) and Atropos (snips life).
The goddesses of regeneration appear as virgins and nymphs, objects of sexual desire, and the inspiration for everything beautiful. The goddesses of regeneration exemplify the elements of erotic power, allure, and fertilization. The goddesses also excite and inspire men. They control the seasons, tides, and celestial phases of nature. According to Leonard and McClure (2004), the goddesses of regeneration are the keepers of the cosmic clock that mark the elements of fertility and growth, and the seasons of sterility and death. The regeneration goddess also represents the elements of love, lust, and sex. The Goddesses that represent this group are Thallo (spring), Carpo (autumn), Savtri (sun), and the Horae Goddesses Eunomia (lawful order), Dike (justice), and Eirene (peace).
The Greek goddess Athena is unlike any other goddess. She is the warrior goddess. Athena’s birth is strange, mysterious, and full of controversy. Athena was born out of the head of her father Zeus. The manner in which she was born was not an accident because Zeus would not allow Athena’s mother to give birth. Zeus feared the birth of Athena by her mother because he feared losing his position as king of the gods. Therefore, Zeus tricked Athena’s mother into allowing him to absorb her unborn child into his body. By absorbing the unborn child, he ensured that Athena could not equal his power. Although not as powerful as her father, Athena was a warrior from birth. She was a master at fighting and enjoyed it thoroughly. She would assist them in battle on numerous occasions. Legends speak of how she mysteriously helped her demigod brother, Perseus, in his quest to capture the head of Medusa.
Athena is not just a warrior; she is also the goddess of wisdom. She uses her wisdom to teach her followers skills that will help them. Because of her willingness to help her followers, Athena is one of the most beloved goddesses. Unlike many other
Goddesses she did not participate in sexual acts and held great honor in her chastity. Athena was so proud of herself that she once blinded a man who viewed her nude.
In contrast, the Egyptian Goddess Isis allegedly had a sexual relationship with her brother-husband, Osiris, since the two of them were in their mother’s womb. Unlike Athena, Isis is a passionate goddess. She displays her passion...

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