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Comparing National, State And Local Labor Laws

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Comparing National, State and Local Labor Laws
Jessica Amos
BSM 206
December 29, 2013

Our employment or labor laws have been developed to process a smooth transition for employers and employees. Employment laws bestow rules and regulations in order to govern in cooperation of places of employment that work together to protect both employer and employee. These labor laws confer the issues that are interrelated between the working conditions, retirement, child labor laws, incentives and benefits, OSHA and others. Both employer and employee need these laws so as to not exploit one another and or to hold company policy and procedures. However, we at this time are ...view middle of the document...

This in place became the front lines of a vast developed agency that we have today. They implemented the lines of communication between the employer and employee so as to bring facilitation, organization and regulation into the workplace, thus becoming the beginning of rights and protection for workers in the workplace. This beginning for NLRA was to include that no federal, state or local laws would interfere with established regulations brought forth by NLRA. Before 1935, employers would blacklist, punish and investigate their workers, until they started to perform and organize unions of defiance against such actions. Even though, since the inclusion of NLRA, it was just the prelude to the many changes within the next few years. By 1945 unions were more prevalent and reached a capacity of about 35% of the workforce. This gave weight to the employers who strived to change things back in their favor by 1947 with a Taft-Hartly Act which had stipulations of enforcement for indicting unions for picketing, boycotting causing employers direct losses from employees actions. By 1959 Congress had then enacted further provisions such as Landrum-Griffin Act which was to structure and apply further adherence for unions and their abuses with employees and employers. Later on between then and now has developed the developments and transitions of more regulations, acts and informs to being the labor laws into full view as it is today. From the progression and insertion of wages, rights, anti discriminatory laws enveloped into an array of a perpetual progress and integration of advance integrating and uniform discussion between rights of employees and employers.
Labor laws amongst the federal, state and local will always be a prevalent and immense
collective cooperation of sorts that will ultimately serve the overall effect and enhancement of communication and advancement of employer and employee relations.
Federal Labor Laws
The Department of Labor is a federal agency that is in charge of administering employment laws. Federal laws are enforced and over take any other laws enacted in a state and or local capacity. The ultimate conclusion is that the employee be protected if the state or local regulations do not protect the employee. Even though federal laws may be indifferent to state laws in regards to labor laws, the employer is to follow what is the best protective measure for the employee.
Within our federal laws, all employees can find protection. Some of which are the Civil Rights Act, Title VII and other additional amendments and laws to protect the employee from defamation, discrimination, physical disability protection, marital and others such like medical conditions. With the various applications of laws and enactments, the derived conclusion is that they are applicable despite a state or local regulation, and are considered the overall supportive action in providing the best employment conditions. . All in all, the federal regulations...

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