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Comparing The American Revolution And The American Civil War

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As we study American history we see that the saying, 'History repeats itself' reveals much truth. As we look closer at the American Revolution and the American Civil War, we can find many similarities between the two. Another saying that is made known is that 'We learn from our mistakes,'; but even the greatest men and women of our history did not follow. The main causes for both wars were the fight for liberty. If we are to analyze this issue in both wars, we see that the conclusion of one war leads to the beginning of another. As Semisonic sings, 'Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.';

          The American Revolution could, to some have started when the Americans ...view middle of the document...

The Revolution War brought the people together in a patriotic manner. Soon, a document that would change the lives of many was constituted for the citizens of America. The Declaration of Independence was then formed and granted all men freedom and equality.

          Freedom was finally rewarded to Americans, but how they manipulate, it was up to them. Was freedom and equality guaranteed for all men and women? Studying history we see that it does differ and in the Declaration it states, 'all men are created equal.'; This gets interpreted as all white men are created equal. In having such frame of mind, civilians began disputing. Not for the equal rights primarily, but for the unlawful slavery that was occurring. This time in history many laws and acts were distributed but often ignored such as the Fugitive Slave Acts 1850 and the Wilmont Proviso of 1846. Both were set for the benefits in trying to start the unchaining of slavery. Similarly to the Revolution, the Americans can be compared with the slaves of the United States. In parallel with writings from the Revolution, the Civil War had some great writers that professed that fighting for the slaves was lawful. Uncle Tom's Cabin in itself a fine piece of literature encompassed the life of a slave. Slaves had no say in what they wanted and were not able to actually live life. Not only did the black servants feel like they were being inhumanely treated but so did the masters of the...

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