Comparison And Contrast Between Australia And Lebanon In Terms Of Social Environment

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Comparison and contrast between Australia and Lebanon in terms of social environment

Countries around the world are characterised by their own cultures. According to social anthropology, culture is determined by a range of learned human behaviour patterns, i.e. language, religion, music, art and social habits (custom and traditions). Accordingly, there are many differences between one and another culture, and the degree of difference is highly dependent on the geographical location of the countries, so that adjacent countries often display many more similarities than differences. In the case of two the distant countries like Australia and Lebanon, their differences and similarities ...view middle of the document...

Further, Australia is the one of the most religiously diverse societies in the world, where almost all religions are significantly represented, e.g. Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. In addition, the Australian constitution guarantees religious freedom, so that every faith has its own places of worship and discrimination is illegal. In contrast to this, Lebanon is made up mainly of two faiths, namely Islam and Christianity, but these two are divided into different sects, such as Muslim Sunnis, Shiites, Druzes, and Christian Maronites, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox. Moreover, in the latter country, religious celebrations are public holidays, unlike in Australia, where Christmas is the only public occasion.
Another aspect of difference is that of gender relationships. Gender differences exist in almost every society, to greater or lesser extent. These differences are determined primarily by the culture of the country and by what the society expects from boys and girls. However, the process of differentiating between boys and girls starts from birth in the same manner in all countries; for example, blue-coloured clothes are chosen for boys and pink ones are for girls; secondly, in the childhood stage, boys are usually handled more roughly and sent off to sporting activity that requires masculine traits, such as boxing and football. Nevertheless, in regards to gender roles, Australia is quite different from Lebanon, in that men and women in the former to great extent share responsibilities, especially given that women have for years become a great presence in the workforce. This is not the case in Lebanon, woman’s responsibilities will be greater if she decides to work as her prime role is to be a nurturing mother. However, many women have broken through traditional boundaries and entered the political, artistic and literary environment, especially in Beirut and other major cities. If Australia is compared to Lebanon on the gender equality scale, it appears there is no inequality between men and women in the former, where anti-discrimination...

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