Comparison And Contrast Of Two Colonialists Writers

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Rudyard Kipling who was born in the year 1865 December 30th in Bombay, India, was an architectural sculpture teacher and an artist. Kipling spent most of his early life in India and was later sent to England by his parents for education, This is where Kipling gained some rich experience of colonial life. Kipling made significant contributions to English Literature through his various works which included short story writing, writing novels, and contributions in poetry. While in England, he lived a miserable life due to victimization through beatings and mistreatment and later suffered from bouts of insomnia. His writings are greatly remembered due to his celebration of the imperialism in ...view middle of the document...

They both featured the aspect of colonialism in their works. In the year 1907, unlike Conrad, Kipling was awarded as the Nobel Prize winner in the literature field. This made him the first writer in English author to receive Nobel Prize and he still remains the youngest Nobel Prize winner recipient to date.
Some of Conrad’s works have a strain of romanticism unlike Kipling’s work which is entirely based on imperialism, colonialism and children’s tale. For example Conrad's romanticism is heavily colored with irony and a fine sense of man's capacity for self-deception. However, both Kipling and Conrad are viewed as precursors of the modern literature whose narrative styles and anti-heroic characters have influenced different many authors .
Both Conrad and Kipling tries to show how the trial of the weak in the human spirit through the demand of honor and duty. For instance, in Rudyard Kipling’s work on “The Man Who Would be King” and Joseph Conrad's 1902 book on “Heart of Darkness”, they both try to show quintessence descriptions on what happens when Europeans makes effort in forcing their cultural values on other countries (Moore 3). Although Kipling’s book on “The Man Who Would be King” is less cautionary and much milder than that of Conrad; both Conrad and Kipling have something valid and important to say on the horrors and evils of colonialism impose on those who are colonized.
In his work, Kipling takes British soldiers exploiting a less advanced civilization, but then finding out that both peoples are fundamentally the same. For example, when Daniel Dravot gets bit and bleeds the priests scream "Neither God nor Devil but a man!"(Bloom 244) showing that even the simplest of peoples can see through the lies of the most advanced. unlike Conrad who views both natives and Europeans as the same, except one who's technology is more advanced, and that is what separates them from being savage. However, both view culture blending as an important aspect in their work. Kipling’s views on colonialism differs with Conrad since when Conrad views the downsides of colonialism, Kipling on the other hand view it as being right. In Kipling’s work on “The Man Who Would be King”, he presents colonialism in two sides, both in British and Kafiristanies . He however, presumes the British colonialism side as being right. However, both Conrad and Kipling have differences in many works with different views on colonialism.
Both Kipling and Conrad criticize the British in their work. For instance, In Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”, Conrad harshly condemn the oppression and terror which results from domination, and mainly from the European domination of Africa (Bloom 133). Just like Kipling, Conrad, has enough personal knowledge and especially from experience on such subject matter. This is because Conrad had been to Congo in the1890s and therefore provides his views through his work. Conrad is shocked by his experience in Congo in the 1890s and hence views...

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