Comparison Between Down And Out In Paris And London & A Day In The Life Of As Salaryman

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Readers are introduced to two distinctive yet similar characters in Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell and in A Day in the Life of Salaryman by John Burgess, “George” and salaryman. Society has become accustomed to the idea that slavery is only dealt with the property of a person. Though there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as treatment and condition, a slave is nonetheless one who is not only treated harshly, but is also seen as a subject of labor. While slaves are disregarded for human consideration and do not have a choice in how they wish to be handled, “George” and salaryman are somewhat respected as individuals and furthermore have the ...view middle of the document...

His transition from one career to another is the cause for his emotional climb, which in turn lead him to rebuke the position of a plongeur and align and identify it with the position of a slave. Though he states he is trapped in the life of a plongeur and in a forbidden mindset, he neglects the fact that he had the choice of working following his employment, and he has the same choice of resigning. As a slave is owned by an individual, he, the slave, does not have access to a lifestyle that most have, nor does he have the opportunity to “quit” being a slave. In contrast, “George” can very well choose to suspend his “useless” position as a plongeur. A slave has not chosen the life that he had coming for him, while “George” has, which substantiates his title as a victim of strain, but not a victim of slavery.

John Burgess labels the typical hard-working man in Tokyo as a “salaryman” in A Day in the Life of Salaryman. In this work, Burgess focuses on a specific salaryman who “devotes himself body and soul” to his steady career at a strong company with a trivial position (253). The foremost major dilemma in his life is a contemplation of which car to bargain for. Though one’s work at a career may often be uncared for, this does not mean the work is not needed and is insignificant. Therefore, salaryman’s role in his job is needed for his knowledge, while a slave’s work is needed for merely work to be done. Similarly, a slave’s work can be done by anyone, as salaryman’s work, or an employer’s work for that matter, is needed to be done by the salaryman or employer himself. With that being said, a...

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