Comparison Between Pope Boniface Viii And Pope Francis

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Comparision in Leadership
Pope Boniface V111 vs current Pope Francis
Leaders of the Catholic Church

When it comes to the topic of leadership, most of us will agree that we are curious as well as critical of our leaders, and their actions. Political and religious leaders are often under close scrutiny. As influential leaders they set the vision, tone and goals of any organization. Hence, a leader 's , behavior and leadership style are constantly scrutinized and if appropriate, their leadership traits ought to positively impact followers. According to Northouse (2012), “A leader affects and is affected by followers and both ...view middle of the document...

He was arrogant, treacherous, and focused on power and increasing his wealth. According to Gertz (2001) “Boniface lost little time securing fortune for himself and his family....”(p.1). Dante also found Pope Boniface's actions undesirable. He believed that the church and the state should be separate. He complained that Boniface was more interested in political power than spirituality (Gertz, 2001, p.2). In addition Boniface's deceptive behavior and political ambition his highlighted in the role he played during the conflict between the black Guelphs and the White Guelphs. According to Legge (2011) Boniface “allowed the Black Guelphs to overthrow the ruling White Guelphs, whose leader- including Dante- where in Rome at the time to argue Florence's case before Boniface and were exiled (p.1). Boniface also sentenced Dante to death for his political role in Florence. Dante went into exile. Dante, a bitter man and disillusion man, in his book Divine Comedy, condemned Pope Boniface to the eight Circle of Hell. His punishment was based on his character and actions. His sins included corruption, barratry, and a lack of integrity. His actions had an adverse effect on the image of the church and his legacy. The people feared him and there was widespread mistrust and discontent within the church community. Boniface focusing on his political ambition and not the needs of the church family, caused the Catholic Church to be seen negatively. Gerttz states “In the end, Boniface's search for earthly honor failed. He is numbered among the worst popes in history” (p.2).
On the other hand, Pope Francis has stirred positive emotions in people. He is the current
Pope of the Catholic Church. He his humble and believes in leading by example. Pope Francis was chosen by Time (Josh Levs, 2013) as Person of the Year for 2013. Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Pope chose his papal name after St. Francis of Assisi (Moses, 2013) who took an oath of poverty, turning away from his wealthy family to live a life of dedication to the church. In a speech given by the Pope immediately following his election he was quoted as saying, “My people are poor and I am one of them” (Vatican, 2013).
Pope Francis has refused to live in the formal Pope residence instead, he resides in a furnished apartment in the Vatican. His action has caused many popes in the United States to examine their behavior, likewise, the congregation is evaluating and speaking out on current issues. For example, in a recent article the Archbishop of Atlanta Wilton Gregory, who built a mansion but because of harsh criticism has apologized and will be placing his home on the market. Archbishop Greogry states “The example of the Holy Father, and the way people of every sector of our society have responded to his message of gentle joy and compassion without pretense has set the bar for every Catholic and even for many who don't share communion”(as cited in Burke, 2014,...

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