Comparison Between Private And Public Hospital

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Among the principle service industries come the health care services. These are extremely important for any country as they maintain the health and goodness of people. Comparing and contrasting two competing firms can be an interesting challenge. Talking about these, we know that public and private both operate in an entirely different way. The two hospitals we have chosen are: Lahore General Hospital and Surgimed Hospital.
Lahore General Hospital is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is known for neurosurgery. It’s a public hospital that aims to cater maximum patients. Surgimed Hospital is a private hospital located in Zafar Ali Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
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However, for this purpose SOP’s must be considered by the doctors and other staff involved in providing the service.
In contrast to this, Surgimed Hospital has excellent sterilization facilities and a very good laboratory system. Both these are lacked by Lahore General Hospital.
The equipment and diagnostic instruments required must be technologically advanced. For both hospitals, it has been seen that excellent use of devices is there in fact, some devices are only available in Lahore General Hospital and not in any other private hospital.
A hospital seems to be incomplete without its own pharmacy; Lahore General Hospital proves this point to be incorrect. It does not have a pharmacy; attendants need to go all the way to a nearby pharmacy to get the medicine for the patient. S hospital has its own pharmacy like most hospitals, however, its expensive than the rest.

The price charged for treatment in each hospital is as different as the service level. Lahore General Hospital has categorized patients into A, B and C; telling whether the customer is entirely on his own expense, entirely on government’s or partially on both Surgimed Hospital doesn’t categorize its patients but, they do provide a package to their customers at a little less rate than the usual. Lahore General Hospital doesn’t charge its patients consulting fee, treatment fee is to be paid only. As it’s a facility for general public which is duty of government to provide it charges much less. Surgimed Hospital is a profit making private hospital whose charges might be justified to an extent.
Surgimed Hospital is located on Zafar Ali Road, Lahore. Its access is easy as its the center of Lahore. Lahore General Hospital is located on Ferozepur Road, its access has recently been made easy with the development of infrastructure facilities.
Lahore General Hospital fails to provide required information to its patients at the right time. As laboratory system is not really good the test and everything are to be outsourced and so there is much delay in the process as a whole. The staff also in Lahore General Hospital is not punctual. The doctors and nurses frequently forget their duty timings and are not present at the required time to feed patients medicine or look after them.
Both hospitals use word of mouth to advertise. Doctors from different areas are also involved to spread good words about the hospitals.
In Lahore General Hospital the process is lengthy and involves a lot of paperwork etc. Surgimed Hospital the case is not exactly the same, walk-in patients are also entertained with just paying the required...

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