Comparison Matrix Paper

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Comparison Matrix
Marquita S. Henderson
Grand Canyon University: PSY-801
July 10, 2013

Comparison Matrix
A Comparison Matrix is a grid created specifically to display information in a structural format. In week two of the PSY-801 course, students were presented with the task of completing a comparison matrix, consisting of empirical articles and details of their content. The intent of this particular document is to revisit the matrix from week two and compare the provided findings on a deeper level. The following qualitative assessment will serve as a tool of preparation for the doctoral program. The purpose of developing and reviewing a comparison matrix is to ultimately compare, ...view middle of the document...

The three articles are necessary to the discussion of workplace bullying. Each is different but effective in its message.
Research Questions Comparison
Research questions are arguably the beginning and most important parts of a research process. The comparison matrix contains research questions with a workplace bullying commonality. However, although the questions have familiarity, some differences are evident. For example, in Article I (“Individual and situational predictors of workplace bullying: why do perpetrators engage in the bullying of others?”) the questions provoke pondering of bullying and the potential variables that may be contributory to an employee becoming victimized. Surveys conducted in the article aid in relieving questions of why workplace bullying can occur and factors, instances, or decisions might lead to and be conclusive of a person being bullied at work (Hauge, Skogstad, & Einarsen, p. 352-353).
Article II (“Does trait anger, trait anxiety or organizational position moderate the relationship between exposure to negative acts and self-labeling as a victim of workplace bullying?”) asks questions that assist in identifying which traits or organizational positions balance true exposure to workplace negativity and self-labeling as the bullied party. It also raises questions of an individual’s behaviors that might cause him or her to encounter workplace bullying (Vie, Glasø, & Einarsen, p. 70-71). Article III, (“Neutralizing workplace bullying: the buffering effects of contextual factors”) asks questions regarding the elements that might tend to weigh on workplace bullying. Therefore, constructive leadership, perceived organizational support, and organizational anti-bullying initiatives and the relationship to bullying are each and all in question (Cooper-Thomas, Gardner, O'Driscoll, Catley, Bentley, & Trenberth). The questions that all of the articles suggest are useful in one’s understanding and interpretation of bullying within professional environments. However different in focus and point, each article’s question(s) are relevant to the topic. The research questions are on the basis of individual surveys with emphasis on the factors that can impact negative workplace events such as the bullying of an employee by others.
Sample Populations Comparison
Sample populations are necessary to gain somewhat of precise numerical detail concerning a specific study and its direction. Each article included in the comparison matrix has information of a sample population as supporting evidence of research. To begin, Article I (“Individual and situational predictors of workplace bullying: Why do perpetrators engage in bullying of others?”) covers a survey of 2,539 employees, 48.5% male and 51.5% female. Out of the total number of surveyed workers, 19.8% held supervisory positions. The study in the article may suggest that women are bullied slightly more often than men and supervisors are bullied far less than subordinate employees...

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