Comparison Of Experience And Higher Education In America’s Workplace

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Comparison of Experience and Higher Education in America’s Workplace
Looking at job openings can seem like a daunting and discouraging task for new graduates. The majority of job ads generated by companies want experience to bring in as human capital that will enhance their position in the market. For many new college graduates, the experience that is needed to succeed is not yet present. Mounting debt and no work experience can discourage students from achieving their educational goals but the debt can be well worth the price paid in the long run. The key to enhancing future success is to attempt to gain experience and a degree. Many students take a gap year to explore different ...view middle of the document...


Rising debt for a student can deter a prospective graduate. Scaliger (2014) states “since 1999, student loan debt, adjusted for inflation, has risen by more than 500 percent, while other forms of personal debt have increased by “only” about 100 percent” (p. 17). This statistic proves that the cost of education is continuing to rise with the average college graduate having $25,000 in debt (Scaliger, 2014). Even with the amount of debt that could possibly be accrued graduates still make more than people that do not have a degree. A new college graduate can only expect to make around $42,693 but compared to a non-college graduate that earns a median wage of $26,429, earning a degree is worth the trouble (Carroll & Higgins 2014).
There are many students that take the option to take a gap year while in school. A gap year can be used to gain valuable experience while still technically a student which can open many doors for the future as well as help the student really figure out what they want to do with their life and reduce a potential burnout from the rigors of school (Loftus, 2014). These gap years can be used to gain real time experience by taking both national and international internships (Sarouhan & Sarouhan, 2013). These internships can be used to do valuable networking which is getting more and more important to land a premier job. Taking a gap year can help bridge the gap between a degree and the needed experience that many employers are looking for.
For someone that has a mix of both experience and a degree, the options are much greater According to Carroll & Higgins (2014) “in 2010, the difference in the 90th percentile of wage income between...

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