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Comparison of Models Paper

Substance use and abuse has caused many problems. According to (Capuzzi & Stauffer. 2008) some of these problems include; crime and violence, violence against women, child abuse, mental health, risks during pregnancy, sexual risk-taking, and many more effects. Due to the many addictions models was put in place to help better understand why and how to treat the addiction problem. The two models I have chosen is the cognitive-behavioral model and the neurobiological model.

Cognitive-Behavioral Model

According to (Capuzzi & Stauffer. 2008) cognitive-behavioral model relates to a variety of reasons and reinforces for taking drugs. Some of these reasons would be self-exploration, religious, insights, altering moods, escaping boredom or despair, enhancing creativity, performance sensory experience or pleasure and many more reasons. There are ...view middle of the document...

(Tomberg 2010)
Neurobiological Models
According to (Capuzzi & Stauffer. 2008) neurobiological models have to do with the neurotransmitters which serve as chemical messengers of our brain. When a person uses drugs, changes in the brain in the limbic system occurs and in return leads to addiction. It has already been shown that alcohol has an effect on neurobiological behavior by altering ones emotions. Alcohol becomes a brain reward system; repetitive consumption eventually induces dependency of alcohol. Alcohol seems to trick the brain into thinking that they are in a better mood or in a state of relaxation where they don’t have to care about anything around them. It slows things down so that our brain can process it better, which relieves stress that we are all faced with. Dopamine plays a large role in the brain reward system; the human brain begins to think that it needs it in order to function. It is unfair to assume that everyone that drinks are an alcoholic or that they will become dependent on it. Some say that it is a genetic disorder and you can’t help it, but in my opinion I think it has to do with your will power and if you have the urges to need it to survive. My husband has a long family timeline of alcoholics, but he chooses not to partake in the stigma.

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