Comparison Of Shakespare's And Spencer's Sonnets

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Every human has his own way of perception when it comes to the world around him. Some of us are cynical, some are optimistical; some belive in ethical conduct and others can commit crime with no remorse. We are all different, but only some of us are able to express their interpretation of the surrounding in art, in music, in literature. Every poet expresses his ideas in a different way, but there are still some points of interaction. Comparing two sonnets by different authors and analyzing them I can find similar and contrasting features. I will try to analyze sonnet n130 by William Shakespeare and sonnet n75 by Edmund Spencer.

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It is quite different from the most popular Shakspeare's rhyme scheme: A-B-A-B-C-D-C-D-E-F-E-F-G-G. Sonnet n75 is written with three-foot iambus, whereas sonnet n 130 is written with five-foot iambus. Another interesting contrast is the sound pattering, which is the common feature for poetry. In Spencer's sonnet the dominating sound is "A"[А], he creates a patten of that sound:

One dAy i wrote her nAme upon the strAnd,
but cAme the wAves and wAshed it awAy:
agAin I wrote it with a second hAnd,
but cAme the tide, and mAde my pAins his prEy.

This sound reinforces the emotions that the poet wants to put into his sonnet. The "a"-sound creates associations with hope, with faith. It gives the sonnet notes of positive.
Analyzing Shakespeare's sonnet the sound that appears most frequently is "E" and "I".

My mIstress' eyes are nothing lIke the sun;
Coral is far more rEd than hEr lIps' rEd;
If snow bE whIte, why thEn her brEasts are dun;
If hairs be wIres, black wIres grow on her hEad.

The "E" and "I" sounds are hints at the light and a little sarcastic theme of the sonnet.
The other point of contrasting is the main idea of the poem. Talking about Spencer, he suggests the theme of the ...

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