Comparison Of The Healing Of America And Delivering Health Care In America

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Comparison of The Healing of America and Delivering Health Care in America

Shahab Vaziri

James Madison University

In chapters nine through the appendix of The Healing of America by T.R. Reid, it is illustrated about the advanced endeavors, which Reid goes on, to find out about the ins and outs of foreign health care policies and how the United States can borrow ideas, even if the country is a suffering third-world country.
Chapter nine is entitled out of pocked because it has the theme of people in foreign countries attempting to buy insurance in any manner that involves cash without any entitlement or responsibility after the fact. Many poor foreign nations in Africa and South ...view middle of the document...

However, many non-traditional methods of treating people do work to cure the source of illness. According to Reid, when he got his shoulder treated through “Ayurveda,” he did not feel any pain even though nothing physically changed in his shoulder. Therefore, it is justifiable for American’s to at least consider the possibility of herbal remedies regardless of our incredible national medical bill. In fact, some of these remedies could replace damaging prescription medication that many American are addicted to.
Chapter ten has a general theme about the politics of changing a system from regional health insurance providers to universal care, where everyone is covered and the country is healthier as a whole. T.R. Reid focuses in on two counties, Taiwan and Switzerland, whom are renowned for their health care system changes to universal health care from what it was before. Reid uses these countries as examples to illustrate why exactly Americans should not be afraid of change in health care because Taiwan and Switzerland created universal health care, and they borrowed ideas from countries like Canada and France while doing so. The system foundations in America are preventing the changes because according to Shi and Singh “the current health care system is not an accident. Historical, cultural, social, and economic factors explain its current structure. These factors also affect forces that shape new trends and developments, as well as those that impede change” (Shi and Singh, 2015 A). The system change, that seems essentially required at this point in Americas lifespan, was taken on by two countries that did not necessarily need change, but had a good “system outlook” according to Shi and Singh, or “a dynamic health care system that is outward looking” (Shi and Singh, 2015 A). This demonstrates how Americans in politics focus highly on the what-ifs of change and fail to realize the philosophy of true equality when attempting to create better system outcomes. When Reid interviews the president of Switzerland, it is illustrative how much the philosophy of equality lies deep in his heart when they say “a good health system- the basic needs of people- must be handled with a high degree of equality” (Reid, 2010 B). This illustrates that even in America, change in the mindset of politicians is essential for a universal solution. Without the support of the people, though, bills cannot reach congress to be voted upon.
Chapter eleven deals with the comparison of the public health model and its focus on preventative care, versus the medical model with its focus being on treating the sick patient. As Reid focuses on the correct method to choose for a nation in need of a new system, Shi and Singh likes to outline the difference between the two, and does so by creating major distinctions that they find essential to be known. As a general summary of the distinctions the public model focuses on the population as a whole while medical model focuses on the...

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